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SwiftKey Flow Beta Now Open

6th December 2012

Update 28th January 2013 – see our latest blog post for the new Beta

UPDATE 4TH JAN 2013 – A new version of SwiftKey Flow Beta is now available – see our blog for details

Today we’re making SwiftKey Flow beta available and we’re very excited about it. SwiftKey Flow is so much more than another gesture input keyboard. It redefines touchscreen typing with a series of incredible innovations.

Most notably, SwiftKey Flow lets you write an entire sentence without letting go of the screen. All you need to do is pass your finger over the space bar between each word that you trace out. Let SwiftKey Flow do the rest, and you’ll see the words you want magically appear on the screen. We call this ‘Flow Through Space’.

So as many of you can try the SwiftKey Flow beta as possible, we’ve made it so that all you need to is download the following APK(s) and install them on your devices. But please do remember to come back to our VIP community and give us feedback; we rely on this to refine the beta and make Flow as awesome as possible.

SwiftKey Flow Beta for smartphones
SwiftKey Flow Beta for tablets

SwiftKey Flow is very versatile, predicting the word you may want from the moment you begin to glide your finger on the screen. Just let go when the word you want appears. The keyboard also seamlessly integrates with SwiftKey’s classic tap engine, adapting the touch-sensitive areas of the keyboard to your tapping style to boost accuracy. And of course, the keyboard incorporates SwiftKey’s famous next word predictions.

Your feedback is vital to this beta being a success. Evan Tapper, SwiftKey’s Community Manager, sums it up best: “Our community is a vital part of this process. We rely on their feedback to ensure the product is in the best possible shape before it hits the market. But it’s about more than that – it’s about engaging with our users and building products that people really love to use.”

So please, join us and be a part of making SwiftKey even better. We’re looking forward to hearing what you think!

And finally, if you’re looking for a way to say thanks – remember that today is the last day to nominate SwiftKey in the TechCrunch 2012 Crunchies.

Joe Braidwood


234 responses to “SwiftKey Flow Beta Now Open”

  1. DeadSOL says:

    Yay! Can’t wait to try this! 😀

  2. mikeblockcpa says:

    What about a SwifKey predictive app for regular computer keyboards (not tablets)?

  3. Emon Waller says:

    Wow! Its here, it looks great and works even better, its awesome. I may never go back to Swype. You guys really know what youre doing over there I love it. First impressions can chnage tho, so ill be back to after a week. But for now, ear to ear smile.

  4. Looks really great! Am I right in thinking, that this is only an english version?

  5. Jordy Zitter says:

    works just fine! swift as ever. I have Autocaps off, but it makes up it’s own mind 😉 multi language support would be awesome. thanks, SwiftKey people!

  6. Jelmer says:

    Wow this is great!

    The only thing I miss now, is deleting words by ‘swiping’ backwards. I know this is difficult to implement, because when is this swipe action meant to delete a word, or to write a word, but maybe this could be inserted by a swipe gesture in the word predictions area. This does nothing at the moment, so there is a possibility..

  7. Lorenzo Yra says:

    Apparently I can’t download the languages and I get a timeout error, so the process won’t complete. GNexus. Edit: reboot the phone will do 🙂

  8. Peter Tegza says:

    so far works great with Slovak language, great enhancement
    @Samsung Galaxy S3

  9. dmontagni says:

    I’ve installed the flow beta, but what about my previous learned dictionary from purchased swiftkey3? Seems to be not used…

  10. Enry Danil says:

    great stuff… but so far I noticed it’s not enabled in Play Store search bar, contact search bar and browser address bar? am I correct?
    but for sms, fb, g+, email, and browser search bar all are okay 🙂 love this stuff, can’t wait for the full release!

  11. Lady Fran says:

    I’m dead keen to give this a go! Just a quick question though; I have the Galaxy Note II. Strictly speaking it’s a phone, but being 5.5″ some phone apps don’t seem to fit the larger resolution and screen size. Am I best to have a play with the phone beta file? Or would the tablet be a better fit (pun intended)? =)

  12. ScottEdwardCalibraxis says:

    I cannot seem to install on GNote 2. I’ve allowed installation of non-market apps, but still, the install button does not respond.
    Will try an apk injector via pc link…

  13. max says:

    First impressions – in order of appearance:
    At start it tells me that this version doesn’t support tablets, although I use a smartphone with 160 density.
    Nothing serious as I can continue.
    Languages downloaded without problems.
    Setup was easy, fast and without problems.
    Entered settings menu.
    The second language – English – failed at first but downloaded just fine after another try.
    I can even configure haptic feedback duration long press duration in miliseconds?! Nice!
    Flowing the first words was not so easy. 🙁
    English and German are installed and both enabled, that’s also cool.
    I cannot flow the german word “nett”.
    Swipe delete doesn’t work, instead flowing across the keyboard inserts words.
    I’m a Swype beta user. I would like to see shortcuts for text select-all/cut/copy/paste and a decent edit keyboard layout.
    More feedback to come, that’s for sure.
    Thank you!

    PS: Now just don’t forget: Release early and release often.

  14. Fong Wai Kit says:

    I have problem typing the word “too”. It always gives me “to” instead.

  15. Willie D says:

    This rarely works for me anyway but whatever

  16. Javi says:

    Oh my God, this keyboard is really awesome. Very good job… I mean excellent! Congrats, you deserve every buck of their price.

  17. Joe says:

    Can’t get past select a language – tells me I have a network error. Tried wifi and 3G only. droid razr maxx

  18. Guest says:

    Super klasse jetzt hab ich sie auch freue mich so 😀 😀 da in app store eine kreditkarte braucht was ich nicht habe um die app zu kaufen finde ich diese app einfach super spitze!!!! Nur der tastenton fehlt in mein sgs3 is es aktiv nur höre ich nix beim tippen der tasten wäre super wenn ihr das auch mit einbinden könnt in der app.

  19. 7:49am Eastern Time — “Could not download the list of available languages…”. Stuck on step 1 of configuration. Server or network overloaded? I’ll have to try again later…

    EDIT: OK – list downloaded, now it’s failing attempting to download the language pack I select. Must be server overload…?

  20. Esmir says:

    Tried this right now and it work’s good. Well it’s still in beta so I think it will be better. I have one question: Is SwiftKey Flow part of SwiftKey or is it an own app? Wouldn’t like to pay for it because I already bought SwiftKey.

  21. Was finally able to download the language pack, finished configuring, selected preferences, provided credentials so it can learn from FB, GMail, etc. Set as default input method. Unfortunately, Flow doesn’t seem to be functioning in either portrait or landscape on my Nexus 10 (JB 4.2.1 – stock, unlocked, rooted). Resolution too high for current support level?

  22. Arvind Velusamy says:

    This is great, so far its not as great as the 4.2 keyboard, but I know these devs will be able to make it better.

  23. Big Ben says:

    Just after some trys, it looks so amazing ! Like others said, the thing that’s missing is the swiping backwards move. And before, with the “old” swiftkey, we could hide the keyboard by swiping down…
    The speed of texting is highly improved, I’ll come back in a few days to give you another report.
    Thank you for that !

  24. Curtis Scafe says:

    Needs some work but this is a beta so I don’t expect it to be perfect and I know Swiftkey will polish it before it’s released

  25. Jeffrey Jackson says:

    I have tried quite a few times to download the English(US) version without success. I will try again later.

  26. will says:

    I’m on 4g and can’t download language pack? Network error but I’m internet right now.

  27. will says:

    Still no emoji. I

  28. Castanoff says:

    I am having issues download the language pack tried on 4G and wifi to no luck. Will have to try later.

  29. Shree Mulay says:

    can’t download the language pack, eh…….

  30. Carlos Ruiz says:

    It works almost perfect in my cellphone in Spanish (not so good in my tablet). But it doesn´t works in a browser address bar. Is it the way it is designed?

    Excellent keyboard!!!

  31. Tiago Azevedo says:

    This Flow technology is going to be implemented in SwiftKey 3, or is this another app we are going to have to buy?

  32. dickbollocks says:

    Network error…Network error…


    language downloads should be from regional compute resources. Time to look at AWS Swiftkey!!

  33. st8Jonesing says:

    How do you capitalize letters while swiping? Too use to swype where you can just swipe up off screen and it’ll capitalize that letter.

  34. Helike Long says:

    For those which gettin’ errors while try to download the language packs: Remeber that them released the beta today, there’s to many people tryin’ to download the apk and the language pack, in another words, don’t worry, this error must stop soon.

  35. dickbollocks says:

    Yikes, word prediction while swiping is NOT consistent. Regular typing is fine but same pattern swipes will yield different results each time for me. Also if you want to compete with Swype, you’ll need to provide more than >>3<8 per word. At least Swiftkey now allows you to go back to any word in the sentence to see the predictions. That feature was lacking in swiftkey 3 and was why I left for Swype in the first place.

  36. John Turpin says:

    Download completed. “Install” button does nothing. “Unknown sources” is checked. “Cancel” does work, though. Tried in both Port. & Landscape. (Trying to load on Droid Bionic). Also tried with “Unknown sources” unchecked. Same results.

  37. A5J4DX says:

    finally got the email 😀

  38. EvanMorgoch says:

    A couple things:
    1) Seems like there’s a delay before it starts accepting flow input

    2) When do “flow” out a word and release it, it directly jumps to predicting my next word, rather than showing me other possibilities of my “flowed” word. Have to hit backspace to get it to show other corrections.

    3) “Flowing” multiple words isn’t working for me.

    4) Can’t “Flow” people’s names in the “to” field in GMail. Don’t know where else yet. Made me think that it Flow wasn’t working period.

  39. Mark says:

    I’m having issues downloading and installing a language. When I try to select and download English (US) for example, I am met with a network error. I have tried a 4G connection and Wifi with no luck. Any Ideas?

  40. Jon says:

    Was excited for this because the Android 4.2 keyboard is lame and Swype Beta is not yet fully functional. Unfortunately, SwiftKey Flow Beta is even less functional than Swype Beta. Need to get SwiftKey Flow Beta working in all text entry areas on all browsers. Not a good sign that Beta was released like this. You already knew this was a problem, right? Is there going to be a fix?

  41. Natalie Kay says:

    I can’t even get it to load a language to try! I am excited for when this gets the kinks worked out but for now I can’t manage to get it going…

  42. belknapwyo says:

    Can’t even get started with Flow 🙁 Stuck at trying to download languages. Not very impressed with the BETA roll out.

  43. Trent Milam says:

    The default installed keyboard came up instead of the SwiftKey one. Can this be changed? If not, I’m not interested in testing this.

  44. indolent83 says:

    It seems that flow doesn’t work in all the same places where swype doesn’t insert an auto space, like this reply form. Android Browser bug?

  45. Zap says:

    the languages are not downloading (network error)

  46. Tom says:

    Looks like it needs a lot more work before its ready for prime time. Oh well, back to the original swipe..

  47. Manuela K. says:

    I love it!!!!
    It’s the best keyboard i have ever had! For german language it is perfect. there are maybe some small things that can be changed-but hey! it’s beta.
    Thank you so much!

  48. Elias Faraclas says:

    I’m it seems the swiping is working all right. However it sends like the android keyboard may work a little better. The gestures do not seem to be working in landscape mode though. I’m on a nexus 10.

  49. Marc Cicora says:

    I can’t seem to get it to work on my Nexus 10. It works fine on the S3. It just seems like the standard version. Anyone else having this problem or have any advice?

  50. Darknight says:

    Sooo… It’s swype. Yay?

  51. disqus_Y3WIxSOyuq says:

    works like charm! Much faster than swype, touchpal and gokeyboard on my Galaxy S.

    there are few things that might help you:

    1- swiping from delete button writes a new word and won’t delete the previous one, like it used to do. so it makes the erasing process very slow. you have to press for few seconds to get the word erased, but if you press too much it will erase more than one word.

    2- sometimes, it doens’t give more than one option and it goes straight to the next word. for example, I use it in spanish and if I flow “que” but I really want to write “qué” it just gives me the first one without the accent, so I have to erase couple of letters so it gives me more options. this makes the process slow too.

    3- at least on my phone I can’t see there is a dictionary of words that can be added.

    and 4- if I introduce a new word, sometimes Swiftkey doesn’t shows it as an option, so it keeps suggesting the word he wants, not the one I teached to him so I have to type letter by letter again(this is very related to number 2)

    Is there any way to introduce capital letters? On Swype, I guess you know, this can be done by swiping up from the letter. And numbers can be written faster too.

    I know is still in beta phase, but I hope I can help you develop with my feedback, cause the product it’s outstanding!

    Well done!!!!!

  52. John Huie says:

    okay, this is beta right? so bugs should be expected.

    i think i kinda like this so far, but my only thing is that when i’m trying to get a few words with one Swype, err… swipe, err… FLOW— it REALLY ruins the groove to have to stop, long press a button, and then continue. i will practice more, but it was super handy that in Swype you could just tap the delete button and it would delete the whole word. Even though in Swype you would have to stop after every word, the end result was quicker that way.

    SO, my suggestion would be to figure out a way to delete a word w/o lifting up your finger… maybe add a finger and do a 2 finger swipe gesture to go back 1 word?

    Also, i could not figure out how to swipe “Swiftkey Flow.” Never worked.

    also, i have always been bugged by this with swiftkey 3, why can i get predictive text or swipe in a search bar or website address? there a few places where swiftkey stops working. I would love the option of using swiftkey in these places. I loved programming Swype to learn my email address. with swiftkey, i have to hunt and peck every single character.

    all in all, i do like this, and it was cool to type an entire sentence w/o lifting my finger once. definitely a long road to go, but i am along for the ride and excited about this! best thing is, i have a CHOICE in what keyboard i can use, and try out, unlike other devices…
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  53. Ralph Maese says:

    I had to download it 5 times to have it to download English version and I’m using it to send a comment here. So far not a problem. Nice 🙂

  54. Paul Schortemeyer says:

    Arrow keys needed!

  55. Matthew Crome says:

    Can’t type the word “three”. All in all very good. Needs actions that allow for, cut, copy, paste and cursor placement.

  56. Francesco Rinaldi says:

    wonderful! It is a version so perfectible but as the beginning goes really well.

  57. Ralph Maese says:

    Swipe from top to bottom doesn’t get rid of keyboard

  58. Ralph Maese says:

    Email app flow is not working when trying to get add contact but regular tap ok but not flow 🙁

  59. Richard Ou says:

    Will there be support for Japanese and/or Chinese?

  60. Stuck with old keyboard functionality, unable to swipe at all, not impressed. Back to TouchPal for me.

  61. Mike says:

    Excellent so far. Just so easy to use.

  62. assigned Perez says:

    I like it a lot.however I do have a concern that only the first two items activated on install and 3 to 5 are not active. Can not personalize or download Spanish dictionary.

  63. rori says:

    I am impressed!-great beta!

    (Needed reboot to load more languages)

  64. Tim alekson says:

    Awesome but needs to improve performance

  65. John Miller says:

    The ability to use bring all the data that many of us have already built up in Swiftkey 3 into Swiftkey Flow would be amazing

  66. wilkems says:

    How in the world do i get this working on my phone?

  67. Awesome SPEED and PERFORMANCE. The only things that keep me in Swype (for now) are:

    – The fact that I can go back to a predicted word and have a few other options in case the first was wrong. Flow only gives you ONE. Thats annoying.

    – Dictionary control. I want to add or delete a word whenever I want if a word keeps predicting itself and I don’t use it.

    – Adding (!) or (?) is EXTREMELY annoying in FLOW because it shares the same key with (.), Swype solves it with different keys for each symbol and you only need to swype the key to the space bar and the symbol is typed. That speeds up everything.

    – The “Swype” key is greatly missed, the one I talk about in the first point that allows you select the previous word and open the suggestions, select all, copy, paste.


  68. jay says:

    I need Chinese。。。。。

  69. Ricardo Szabo says:

    Works great on HTC One S. Thank you.

  70. Just installed SwiftKey Flow (on Samsung Note II LTE). Input seems easy and straight forward, but it is not working in all apps (ie. I cant do the “Swy(i)pe entries” when I’m typing in S-Note.

    Also, wish there will be Chinese Language support soon.


  71. Notus says:

    I am using the SwiftKey Flow to write this feedback, it’s a bit hard to get used to this new way of typing, but after a few minutes I found myself fall in love with this new keyboard. Excellent work guys!

  72. It is a good idea so far hope they give an option between rapid, precise and swipe. I’m still waiting on the option for full screen when you type. Might make it easier for deleting to! I see what you guys mean about typing “too”.

  73. max says:

    Ok, new feedback, as I promised:
    The german dictionary sucks.
    And the word prediction sucks, too.
    If this is really the word predicition people know from the old Swiftkey, like they say, then I’m really wondering what low standards they have.
    As I already said, I’m a long time Swype beta user, and you, Swiftkey, have much to do to become a real competition for Swype beta.
    I must admit the word prediction on Swype sucks, too, but it has way better dictionaries, and I think your dictionaries should be already evolved because of Swiftkey, no?!
    Other than that Swype also has way better performance than Swiftkey Flow.
    You want an example? While in a Goggle Talk chat with the keyboard open Swiftkey Flow is constantly eating 20-40% CPU, Swype beta 10-20% only.
    Swiftkey Flow lags all the time while swiping words which causes mistakes en masse.
    And as I already mentioned, I use a density of 160 on my phone, that’s no rarity, and when I installed Swiftkey Flow it complained that this version would not support tablets but I was able to continue and to use it.
    But now flow doesn’t work in landscape mode.
    Let me add: Flow through space doesn’t work at all. It’s trying to interpret everything as one word.
    I still don’t see a new version from you with some of the mandatory features people are requesting, like Swipe delete.
    You want to be a serious competition? Then it should be no problem for you to release a new beta every day. (That’s a matter of fact. I know how developing works.)
    As I already said: Release early and release often. Else you will be just that: A toy.

    • umdor says:

      As far as i can say, the German dictionary is far better in SK than in Swype, maybe you added lots of things on your own as you used Swype. Also I recommended SK Flow beta to a few people, they all say that it is better than Swype.
      What I really miss is swipe-to-delete, also flow through space doesn’t work on the German version.
      It seems like prediction isn’t as great as in standard SK, but that could be my fault as I was to lazy to let it learn from my accounts.
      The performance is great so far (GNex, Stock 4.2.1) although I didn’t compare CPU usage to Swype.

      • max says:

        Dictionary far better? WTF?!
        There are several common words that Swiftkey Flow doesn’t know at all, like “U-Bahn” and “S-Bahn”.
        Shall I continue with the many long words? …
        These few people definitely cannot say that Swiftkey Flow is better because the word recognition is way better with Swype, you can swipe the words very sloppy.
        The performance difference is just as I reported it earlier. Other people also noted the lag when swiping.

        • umdor says:

          I can only tell by my own experience and what my friends told me. What I mean are conjugations that are missing in swype, I can’t give you any examples, because it’s been a while since I used it.
          However I don’t want to argue with you, I just wanted to give my feedback.

  74. Dale Green says:

    Stuck on the permissions page on my Nexus 7. I tap on “install” but it doesn’t do anything.

  75. tonio says:

    I’m using it but I do not like! E ‘and thus the beta keep still. Better translation of the original Swype dell’S2, guesses the most words. This BETA version has a dictionary that is worth it! Since it is able to integrate the new evrebbero function similar to Swype 4.2!

  76. This is great! I used to use Swype, but the performance was very bad, so i switched to SwiftKey with one tearing eye. But if this is fully developed I will be really happy! Just one problem:
    Got no predictions on my screen. Neither in English nor in German…

  77. Sander says:

    Looks nice! Issue related to ‘to-too’ in Dutch makes it unusable for now (‘en-een’).

  78. #keypad need a little bit more tweaking.. Stutters when entering #’s other than that great.. Can we make colored trails

  79. Nelson Peña Vasile says:

    It sometimes misses a few wordsbut it is great however! , !

  80. Nelson Peña Vasile says:

    I’d like typing on school were this fun lol

  81. Nelson Peña Vasile says:

    I just can’t stop typing it’s incredible but sometimes when you don’t lift your finger to space miss a few Words. However it’s great

  82. Arief Setiawan says:

    Doesn’t seem to work on my tab 7.7. Just like normal keyboard no swift feature. I did enable the check for flow. Help?

  83. SShank says:

    Love that SwiftKey is adding this feature and that it works so well. However, I much prefer the deleting method of the new Google glide keyboard included in the Nexus 7 4.2.1 update. I also find it disconcerting that it goes out of the Flow mode when entering something into the browser URL search area.

  84. Chris says:

    Can’t get the tablet version working on my Sony Xperia tablet S. The regular version is working on my phone though. (Sony Xperia GX)

  85. Zach K says:

    Tablet Version wont work for flow typing on TF700.

  86. Dennis Junior says:

    absolutly awsome.. When activating 2 or more language it confuse

  87. Jesus Fernandez says:

    jejejeje i love this keyboard

  88. Li Yen Chong says:

    The purple and blue line looks so awesome.
    Too bad you can’t slide in landscape mode in tablet.

  89. KJ says:

    How do you close the keyboard now. If I swipe down it writes.

  90. David Newbury says:

    Good work implementing this feature, swiftkey really needed it.

    I have yet to try Google’s Android 4.2 gesture typing. But I will be returning to the Swype beta because it works across the entire android system.

    If the Swiftkey team are following this thread can you please add an option to allow Swiftkey to use flow across the board.


  91. Jake says:

    Rubbish, swiping not working just like the old keyboard WTF

  92. Guest says:

    Works fine on a Galay S3 but afraid it doesn’t seam work on a Galaxy 7.7 Tab GT-P6800 with CyanogenMod 10-20121004-NIGHTLY-p6800 – Jellybean 4.1.1 installed.

  93. disqus_GS25aaum5O says:

    Works fine on my Galaxy S3 but not on a Galaxy Tab 7.7 GT-P6800 with CyanogenMod Jellybean 4.1.1 installed.

  94. Cathy Bridges says:

    I’ve used it for all of 30 seconds and wow, wow, wow!

  95. Maria Gonzalez says:

    Need more themes 🙂

  96. RockinRose Wolf says:

    How do you enable it to trace or swipe? I just got the beta 4. something version.

  97. Darci says:

    Most of time I use both Portuguese-BR and English-US, but sometimes I want to use only one language and typing is much more accurate when you have only one language enabled. It could have a quick option to enable / disable the languages​​ in the keyboard.

  98. carolynreais says:

    do you have any video tutorials available? im a little addicted to them!

  99. Ryan says:

    Would swift key have an update to swift key flow?

  100. kleeman7 says:

    Possible to get option to add a dedicated number row to top of keyboard? Using a note 2 and have tons of space on screen.

    Loving flow, keep up the great work.

  101. devogon says:

    wow! totally unable to register an account to leave comments about the functionality of swiftkey flow beta… just spent 10 minutes re-entering the captcha words to only get the error message that the answer to the challenge question was not valid

  102. HP says:

    this is great! waiting for Vietnamese flow input…

  103. Check says:

    I love you guys.
    I’ve an old Galaxy 3 here and even their it runs… Amazing
    But please let me flow in skype…
    I don’t know, likely davorak is the best keyboard, but i’ve never gotten really in there…

    I’ve always thought if i start typing with davorak, i will not be able to type with Qwerty/Qwertz…

  104. cg says:

    i get no flow for transformer prime tablet, setting is turned on

  105. Nathan says:

    The Nexus7 doesn’t always recognized my swiping when I use chrome. When I search it doesn’t register. I don’t know if that’s chrome or if it’s SwiftKey.

  106. Riccardo Biagini says:

    for desire hd its really slow, if I typing like on every normal keyboard. if i start to swype then become faster but its still slower than the original htc keyboard. also i can’t swype for more of 3 consecutive words, if i do that it delete all what i wrote and i have to re-type everything. (italian dictionary)
    Sorry for bad english!

  107. I could not install Swiftkey Flow Beta, the installation page opens, but the install button does not work, is disabled.
    What is happening can?

  108. Zsolt Sipos says:

    Hi there! SwiftKey flow is really awesome!

    Just wated to report an issue I’m am encountering since today: at some point, the trace created while sliding gets faded/washed out and is barely visible. Is it me, or is this an isse any1 else is getting, too?

    I’m using N4 with the latest CyanogenMod nightly

    • Kirk Spencer says:

      I’ve got a similar issue. The trace is very washed out/faded and it makes it more difficult to type. I am also using CyanogenMod 10.1 (aka Android 4.2.1) on the verizon galaxy nexus.

  109. Mel says:

    On a Samsung Galaxy SIII running Jellybean, everything seems to be working fine, except the word I in the middle of a sentence never gets capitalized, even though I have automatic capitalization turned on. Didn’t have this problem with Swiftkey 3.

  110. engineer says:

    The fastest keyboard gets even faster!
    Everything is great, but:

    -The word predictions area refresh/animation is pretty slow..
    -Problem typing words like ‘too’ (two last letters are the same).
    -The ‘Multi-word gesturing’ feature isn’t working.

    • engineer says:

      -When the keyboard is on vibration mode, when pressing on the ‘delete key’, even after I deleted all the text I wrote, the keyboard is still vibrating..

      -In english, when I want to start typing, the first 3 “words” in the prediction area are numbers I wrote 100 years ago.. instead words I use frequently.

  111. ad24 says:

    I could not settle for Swype because it did not allow two languages to be used at the same time. And I could not settle for Swiftkey because it did not allow the sliding input. I finally have a perfect keyboard! Thanks

  112. Erin Stratton says:

    The two things that are stopping me from using this and remaining on swype are the lack of predictions (only gives you 3 at the most of you misspell a word) and the fact that it doesn’t save words to a user dictionary. Please fix and I will switch!

  113. Brian Smith says:

    Please include Samsung. Note 2 S Pen support

  114. Brian Smith says:

    Please include. Samsung note 2
    S Pen support in SwiftKey

  115. Edward says:

    How do I make it stop annoying the **** out of me? I don’t want it notifying me numerous times every day with annoying messages, just be a damn keyboard, I don’t need a nagging nanny!

  116. Jody Blankenship says:

    No problem at all with mine. The speed I can type a text has improved dramatically. I really love this keyboard.

  117. Graeme says:

    Very impressive – congrats to all. Maybe already mentioned, but if not …

    1. “space bar will complete word” setting doesn’t seem to work, it enters a prediction which is annoying when trying to enter obscure words

    2. Can’t see an intuitive way to delete previous word, holding backspace is slow to react but then takes off deleting a few more words before I can release

    3. Can’t find the awesome glowing magenta trail I saw in the preview

    But overall, awesome!

  118. Michael Geer says:

    Suggestion…… For number input on the top row. Flow your finger up and away instead of long press. This always made sense to me and I would love to see it implemented

  119. magiccoupons says:

    Please sort out the enter button. (or give us a setting to change it)

    I don’t ever really want to use the custom smileys you give us, and are more likely want to press the enter button to start a new line.

    Also even though I’m used to it now, the old punctuation system on Swiftkey 3 (was it? can’t remember) with “.”, “,”, and “?” and “!” being separate buttons etc etc

  120. Robert Simms says:

    this is the best app ive downloaded yet. swiftkey you keep getting better, but i am only able to use flow when im texting i cant use it when im surfing the web or trying to use any other app…

  121. dualanonymity says:

    From reading your description of Flow, it would be a disaster waiting to happen for me, based on the way I type. If you’re going to implement this, maintain the “classic” SwiftKey, too. I don’t want to have to switch keybs.
    Too many app devs, esp. in AndroidLand, make changes for the sake of change, not because the change makes sense (see: Astro, Jota Text Editor, et al.). It’s like a child wanting a new toy. But if the app works, let it frigging work already!

  122. Typing experience is great but I just looked the stats of my phone and I don’t like what I see. The phone uptime is 1d 19h and the Flow Beta has used cpu time 1h 5m with minimal typing. There is no other process like it, the second hungriest has spent cpu time only 1m.

  123. jllybn says:

    Does anyone here experiencing that when you type fast, the first and second letter are uppercased? like eg: HEllo! GOod night!

  124. Akhilesh Mritunjai says:

    The Flow mode is great but please add the gesture to delete the previous word.

  125. Zachary Lansangan says:

    I’d like some more customization. Like change the color of the trail. And on a tablet be able to still gesture type.

  126. Kwgeorge says:

    Please make flow work in address and search boxes

  127. Liz says:

    I miss the deleting backwards that the swiftkey had. I like Flow but it still needs to fix some issues.

  128. Bruno Almeida says:

    I’m using Motorola Xoom and it doesn’t work when in landscape, only portrait. Despite this, it works perfectly.

  129. Delane Price says:

    I’m loving this keyboard! I’ve posted to G+, FB, and The-Twitter to rave and recommend!

  130. Eman says:

    Seems to be very responsive, though I tried the tablet version and while in landscape mode it goes fullscreen most of the time, like a phone setup. I couldn’t find any option for that so far. Unfortunately, I use the landscape mode most of the time on a 7″ device, but the need of a fullscreen is unneccessary in a tab version

  131. Dissk says:

    Can’t install it. Enabled installation from unknown sources but the install button on the apk is unclickable. I can only click cancel.

  132. mscoder610 says:

    A good start, but for me it’s a deal breaker that you can’t swipe in Chrome’s search / url field. Swype allows this, and i think it should be an option if nothing else.

  133. Riley Freeman™ says:

    I’m generally pleased with Flow (first time anything has replaced Swype for me) but there are issues with the seamlessness of using the app. For instance, I was just trying to text a friend and use a basic word like “caroling.” Flow could not for anything figure out that was the word I was trying to use. It found a word as rare as “cajoling” many times, but couldn’t understand “caroling.” Most of the time, it would interpret the inputs as “calling.” And I’ve had this issue with a lot of other words, particularly when it’s a word that has two of the same letters like “too.” It’s very easy to type out words like that in Swype. Just circle around the letter a time or two. With Flow, you have to practically circle around a letter 3-5 times before it can understand what you’re trying to do. So, until that is fixed, I don’t know if Flow can ever truly replace Swype for me.

  134. Pomato_Vine says:

    Loving the flow with swiping over the spacebar to go on to the next word as opposed to lifting your finger. Now I’m worried about what will happen when 8-Jan comes along.

  135. brian says:

    i cant “flow” in certain programs like, google play, google maps
    anyone else have the same issue?
    or am i doing something wrong

  136. brian says:

    having difficulty “flow” in certain apps.
    like google play, google maps. havent tried others
    anyone else?
    am i doing something wrong?

  137. Arnau says:

    Awesome app! I just can’t find out how to change something:
    Before typing anything in, the recommended words are Yes, No and Hi.
    Is it possible to set those three words to the ones you want?
    Thanks 🙂

  138. Juan Solano says:

    Please implement swype deleting by starting the swype from the delete button. Top reason why I use SwiftKey… and anyway you can add dropping the keyboard down please

  139. ChipOmega says:

    In the tablet version you can’t use the flow typing thing in landscape orientation which is what I normally use on my tablet

  140. ChipOmega says:

    There is also a lot of places you can’t use the flow typing like searching the Internet or Google play

  141. GeniU$ says:

    I like this.But could you guys add the long (typographic) dash closer to the main keyboard layout. It will be ok if the «—» symbol can appear after long pressing on some other key. Ok if some other symbol like «&» or «’» will be replaced with this. Also place the « and » symbols somewhere else on the main layout, please. Thanks.

  142. Genumano says:

    Always used the Swype keyboard from Nuance and never imagined she could leave him. But I met SwiftKey Flow and simply fell in love.
    However, I miss some advantages that exist in Swype and, I believe, if they were implemented in SwiftKey Flow, this will be perfect.
    In Swype to write a word capitalized just that, when you start typing that word, lift up your finger over the keyboard after the first letter and then we return to complete the word.
    Another advantage of Swype is that the “auto space” is placed when we start the next word and not finished when the current. Okay, some signs like comma, period, question mark, etc., eliminate automatic space, but the “colon” and “semicolon” not eliminate, forcing us to touch the “delete key” to eliminate the space .
    Another thing I’m noticing is that to do some searches on certain pages of sites or applications, or even complete emails or URLs, SwiftKey Flow does not accept the method of sliding your finger, forcing us to hit the letters separately to form the desired word.
    By having a selected word, as we played in the “caps lock”, the word would automatically transform the first letter capitalized. If we play again, all the letters of the word would become capitalized. If we play again, all letters become sensitive again.
    I sincerely hope to have helped with my opinions and I want to congratulate you for the application, because it is excellent.

    Sorry for any errors in grammar, because I am Brazilian and I used the “Google Translate” to translate into English.

  143. Honza Richtr says:

    using it for 14days now and i like it more then swype even more then slideIT but sometimes it freezes.. a lot. 😐

  144. 🙁 i cant get the predictive and flow features to work in boat browser and the play store :((( any fixes, as these are two of my most used apps… and i love this keyboard!!! – using nexus 4

  145. I’ve noticed a bug where if you a) type out a word not in the dictionary, b) select what you typed instead of the correction, but then c) delete over that word’s tailing space, SK will replace your word with the “correction”. (Pretty annoying if you’re deleting the following word and then accidentally tap delete one more time, it’s easy to do.)

  146. Vincent Mariani says:

    This is amazing! I only have one question, will this be a free update to Swift key 3,or a different a entirely?

  147. I need help…i downloaded the apk but i cant seem to enable the flow effect…it just let me type letters like normal.i need help.

  148. viaimages says:

    Can not get apk to install on my SG Tab 10.1 GT- P7510 tablet. Using appinstaller does not make it work either

  149. Strtrvlr says:

    Love the flow but agree a faster way to delete would be nice. The continuous writing is a nice feature.

  150. Riley Freeman™ says:

    Had to finally give up on SwiftKey Flow and go back to Swype and my stock keyboard on the Galaxy Note II, which has a built-in Flow-like feature. Flow has the potential to really be a monster, but right now, it’s clearly BETA. Flow has issues with properly figuring out words that have two of the same letters in succession like “too,” “tagged,” “”feeling,” “common,” etc. And a lot of the time, those types of words are extremely popular words, and the absurd words that Flow will mistake the actual word for, either are completely different than the actual word, or are really unpopular words. There are times you have to try three or more times before Flow gets it right… and that’s if it actually does. Sometimes, it never gets it right. This completely slows you down and becomes counter-intuitive for what Flow is supposed to do. This is the biggest issue for me.


  152. Cliff Tam says:

    this might sound like a newbie question. But how do I install this on my phone? Do I download the installation file on my phone? Then, how do i access it? Thanks!!

  153. promising. but definitely needs more prediction options (horizontally scrolling bank of options).

  154. Guest says:

    Why limit the swiping/flow feature to areas that only have autocorrect? JB’s keyboard and Swypes doesn’t limit this.

  155. SweetestHoney says:

    Currently the only reason I’m using Swype beta over this is because when I select a word and try to correct it, it puts my correction in the middle of the word instead of changing it.

  156. When I enter the play store swype mode deactivates

  157. Johnsonmedal says:

    If I bought SwiftKey X now, and flow comes out in a week (for instance) do I get an update for free?

  158. BearsFromMars says:

    So do we get it free when it comes out

  159. Ken Abela says:

    any chance we could have some arrow keys? I don’t know why but I really like my arrow keys sometimes. Also, is it possible to give the option to flip the keypad (i.e. 123 at the bottom?

  160. beganto says:

    Mine expired today and re-download from their website and got another few days until Jan 31st. Is it available to purchase now?

  161. Ricardo Fermino says:

    Excelent app! But… How to buy it? How to enter on Vip Community? (shows 10060 error when I try to open the page)…

  162. The new version freeze my phone and I can’t use the keyboard. I use SGSII

  163. Guest says:

    I’d like to have a theme like here or JB / ICS-keyboard (in SwiftKey beta)


  164. Joseph fazzio says:

    It does not work on the Samsung galaxy tab 2

  165. John Vujnovich says:

    I hope they add the slide to delete and slide down to hide keyboard function. Noticed they were asked right on first try :'(

  166. disqus_kjZverNJuZ says:

    Please add “?” to first page for faster typing… rest is awesome!

  167. Mjöd says:

    I’m using this keyboard in Polish and English, and I must say it works really good and doesn’t even lag. The only things that suck are:
    1. Flow through space – doesn’t work at all, keeps confusing words
    2. How do I capitalize some words, like nicknames? Is there a way?
    Aside from that, pretty much great, faster and more accurate than swype.

  168. Jan Houtsma says:

    Flow expires on Jan 31? It’s also still beta. Wil it be available after Jan 31? Also will it be free to licensed SwiftKey3 users?

    Also as feedback, Flow isn’t enabled on my Galaxy-SIII in search en url address fields. It falls back to non-flow mode. Why? This is a bit annoying, as it’s not always clear when it’s “flowing” or not.

  169. Eswaran Rajandran says:

    Although it can remember the sentence typed previously, it can’t remember the symbols such as coma and dot. Every time we need to type those symbols.

  170. tat2jr says:

    I love the word predictions much better then swype, but can’t consider this as a replacement until the flow part works everywhere. It’s very annoying that it doesn’t work in all apps.

  171. KevinMCo says:

    Does Swiftkey Flow have a simple way to compose a word with multiple flows? In Swype, I can just swipe from the logo key to backspace, and for the next input, a space will not be inserted. This is invaluable to me, especially when I swipe out URLs. I’m going to try Swiftkey flow again now that it has expanded to more text fields. Before, I found it completely crippling. I’ve been using Swype all the way back to its release on WinMo, and I can’t stand tapping out letters.

  172. Will my SwiftKey license be valid when SwiftKey flow is released, or will it be a separate purchase?

  173. Just found out about SwiftKey Flow and love it so much! This makes me harder and harder to go back to my iPhone 😛 (I’m on the Note 2 now)

    Good work! Can’t wait for the final release but even in Beta stage, it rocks

  174. Ahmad Zaib says:

    Swipe to delete feature MUST be brought back. Although this time you can implement by swiping from the Backspace key.

  175. Mel says:

    Sure wish the auto-capitalization would get fixed. I’m getting really tired of having to manually fix the word “I” every time I type it. It hasn’t worked correctly a single time so far.

  176. how do you NOT chose the word swift key “picked” there are a number of times it got it wrong..soooo wrong and swift key auto inserts the word i dont want.

  177. Eric Kruis says:

    In Dutch, when I try to swype the word “ik” (which means “I”), it is replaced by the word “je” (which means “you”) most of the time. Strange, and if you don’t pay attention it results in strange and unwanted text.

  178. Jake says:

    Can we get swiping and predictions in more fields? I’ve been wishing for this in Snapchat for some time now! Thanks, and excellent work on the apps!

  179. Fady Ghaly says:

    When will you release the final version??
    It’s amazing as it is now

  180. Le Fronc says:

    I found a problem with Swiftkey flow using CoPilot (!
    When i want to navigate to a destination I can only type the first letter of the city.
    Try to enter the second character of the city name replaces the first one!
    So I can always enter the first letter….

    Using Copilot I always have switch to the standard keyboard.

  181. bratan says:

    Flow is great but there are two big issues.
    First, the keyboard needs to have an option where you can decide if you want a new word to be added in the dictionary. If I “brothaaaaaa” it will add it to the dictionary even though I have only wanted to use it once for a certain message. It should pup up a prompt “do you want to add brothaaaaaa to the dictionary”
    Second, I am also having the issued of trying to type “too” instead of “to” like many others. Circling around “o” doesn’t really work well. It works flawlessly on swype keyboard though.
    If those two things are polished up, then it would be a killer keyboard.

  182. trapchan says:

    Tried this today, using Rapid mode, this is my feedback (as a long time Swype user).

    Compared to Swype this keyboard lacks many convenient things:

    1. You can’t swype “?” symbol which is used very frequently. And it needs 2 keystroke to type “?” symbol, really counter productive.

    2.You can’t manually add new words, with Bahasa Indonesia dictionary, I tried to type “yok”, but it always insert “tim” and why didn’t it learn that I want to type “yok”, it keep typing “tim” instead. And as many people pointed, you have no way to choose which word that you want to type. On Swype, after you type, you still have words suggestion on the top, and if the typed word is wrong, you can choose from the top. Here, you have nothing only the next predicted word. The point is, “it’s really difficult to correct the mistaken word”.

    3. Really, you should replace the emoticon key with newline key. newline is used more frequently compared to emoticon. To enter a newline you need to hold emoticon key then press newline, again counter productive.

    4. And I thought Swype already resource hungry since it always hog around 14mb even if it’s not used, but Flow it hog 30mb of memory, wtf …

    Those come from a few minutes trying Flow, maybe there’s some feature I didn’t know yet.

  183. christopher Trappett says:

    I’m loving this SwiftKey Flow! It predicts my words and spelling far better than any other keyboard I’ve ever used. And I like the style of the keyboard as well…

  184. Jim Jones says:

    I just downloaded Swiftkey Flow. Its seems pretty legit. I just wish you guys can provide a fix for swiping left to delete word. I know its still in the beta phase and you got a some bugs to fix but I like the Flow a lot.

    I have one important question though. Will the paid customers be able to use this for free when its released? I really don’t want to have to pay for this app again. Please let us know. Thanks.

  185. Abrahan says:

    the flow wont workk

  186. How do i configure to send the message instead of inserting a new line wile using the swift keyboard in whatsapp

  187. Mayank Bothra says:

    it’s awesome and the best keyboard ever used
    i wish if i could use it on computer

  188. Arya Putra says:

    Please add an option to enable/disable auto-spacing! Other competitors already put this option in the keyboard settings from day 1! Are you seriously taking note or not??

  189. jrdnk says:

    can I change settings so swiftkey doesn’t automatically add a space between words using swiftflow?

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