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SwiftKey for Android adds exclusive Halo Sticker pack and Skype emoticons

12th April 2018

Hi everyone, 

Nearly a month ago, we announced the Toolbar, a new way for you to access all of the necessary features and settings to customize SwiftKey the way you want it. As promised, Toolbar is where you can find new features and exclusive content.  

We’ve been working behind the scenes with other Microsoft teams to deliver brand new Stickers content to you – content that you can’t get anywhere else.  

First up, we’ve got a Halo sticker pack, marking the first time Halo Stickers are available on Android. In the pack you’ll find eight stickers totally exclusive to SwiftKey for Android users, that are a fun mix of animated and non-animated.  

The new Halo stickers make it easy to bring your passion for the game from your Xbox to your phone, giving you a new way to engage with your friends and opponents right from your device.  

In addition to the Halo Stickers, you’ll find a selection of 24 of Skype’s animated emoticons – the first time any of these are available outside of Skype.

Skype emoticons

Download or update your SwiftKey Keyboard on Android now to try these out and find your favorites – let us know what you think on Twitter! 

The SwiftKey Team