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SwiftKey for Android integrates with Microsoft Translator, bringing instant two-way translation to your fingertips

27th September 2018

Hi everyone, 

अच्छी खबर सबको! In case you don’t speak Hindi, that means ‘Good news, everyone!’. Thanks to SwiftKey’s new integration with Microsoft Translator, you’ll be able to quickly and easily translate on your SwiftKey Keyboard, without having to leave your in-app conversations or having to copy and paste text to translate.  

Designed to break the language barrier regardless of where you are or your level of language comprehension, Microsoft Translator makes it seamless to translate conversations in real-time. Today’s update on SwiftKey for Android makes it easy to not only understand messages you receive but also translate outgoing messages, making sure your message is understood every time.  

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Available in over 60 languages, the integration makes sure that conversations stay fast and natural. Translations work even better with Microsoft Translator installed as well, allowing you to use the feature even off-line.  

Whether Facebook Messaging with family, using WhatsApp to stay in touch with friends abroad, or emailing to arrange an important business meeting, this new feature helps you make your point across languages without any embarrassing lost-in-translation moments.  

Download or update your SwiftKey Keyboard for Android now to try it out. Let us know how it’s going on Translator in the language of your choice!  

The SwiftKey Team