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SwiftKey for Android introduces keypress sounds!

13th March 2017

Hi everyone,

Today we’re excited to announce a new feature in SwiftKey for Android, which has been highly requested by you, our users: keypress sounds! SwiftKey has always been about customizing your keyboard for the experience you want – whether that’s the language(s) you speak, your particular writing style, the theme on your keyboard – and today is one more step in that direction of making your keyboard all about you.

You can now customize your keyboard with four new keyboard sound profiles. Simply tap or slide the hamburger icon on the left of the prediction bar to enter the SwiftKey Hub. From there, open the ‘Typing’ panel and select ‘Sound and Vibration’.

Keypress Sound - SwiftKey for Android

There are four new keypress sound profiles to choose from: Traditional, Android, Modern and Blip.

Keypress Sound SwiftKey for Android 2

Keypress sound profiles was just one of many exciting projects conceived during our most recent Innovation Week. This feature is part of our commitment to enable you, our users, to not only receive the most accurate predictions on the market, but to also personalize your own typing experience.

Check out the new keypress sounds and let us know your favorite on Twitter!

The SwiftKey Team