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SwiftKey for Android new beta brings raft of new features

22nd October 2015

Hot on the heels of our recent SwiftKey Neural and 100 language milestones, today SwiftKey releases the latest Android open beta, SwiftKey 6.0. Get it here on Google Play now.

This new beta marks the biggest launch of new features and improvements we’ve released since making SwiftKey free for everyone last year. After months of hard work, we can’t wait to share exciting new features such as Double-Word Prediction and a new, more accessible emoji panel with you.

For the first time, we’ve taken SwiftKey’s mind-reading accuracy to the next level with the introduction of Double-Word Prediction. SwiftKey will now predict the next two words you’re likely to type at the same time, resulting in a much faster (up to 2x) experience for you than ever before. In true SwiftKey style, the Double-Word Prediction feature will continue to capture the phrases that matter most to you to truly embody your personal writing style. Two predictions at a time

The feature is a seamless new addition to the app and you won’t need to do anything beyond look out for the two word display in your usual prediction bar – applicable in every single language (over 100!) we support in our library.

In addition to prediction improvements, the SwiftKey 6.0 beta also boasts a revamped, more accessible emoji panel. It’s much faster to load and easier to find the emoji you’ve recently used thanks to the new ribbon across the top of the panel. To power up the panel simply longpress on the ‘123’ key which has also jumped to the left side of your keyboard. From there, swipe left or right to switch between emoji categories.

We’ve also done a massive overhaul to the settings menu, the biggest we’ve made behind the scenes since SwiftKey’s launch back in 2010. It’s now easier than ever for you to find the right settings and tailor SwiftKey to exactly how you like it. This includes clearly labeled sections for all of the most important SwiftKey features – Languages, Themes, Typing style and SwiftKey Account*.

The new design comes complete with new theme Carbon Light, which is designed to match the SwiftKey Hub and the new emoji panel. It’s a clean, attractive design with light background and dark text, giving a distinctively SwiftKey flavor to Google’s Material Design approach.SwiftKey 6 settings

SwiftKey 6.0 will be the third in a series of recent milestones for the SwiftKey team, which also includes SwiftKey Neuralsoftware using neural networks inspired by the structure and workings of the human brain – and the announcement that we now support over 100 languages in our extensive library.

With the release of this latest beta we’re moving even closer to providing our users with the world’s most intuitive and personalized keyboard. To download SwiftKey Keyboard for free, head to Google Play for Android and don’t forget to keep an eye on SwiftKey Greenhouse for more innovative projects.

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*previously SwiftKey Cloud