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SwiftKey for Android now has support for over 200 languages

8th September 2017

Hi everyone, 

Exciting news today: we now have support for over 200 languages on our SwiftKey for Android app! In February, we announced that we’d hit support for 150 languages and the team has been hard at work adding more languages since.  

With today’s update, we’ve added 7 new languages: Bislama, Limburgish, Lower Sorbian, Makhuwa, Nuosu, Silesian and Venetian. This brings our total number of language models available to 205, with plans for more in the works.  

With SwiftKey Keyboard on Android, you can type seamlessly in any five language models at the same time, without worrying about switching between keyboards or layouts. Our goal is to keep making it easier for people speaking all languages in all corners of the world to communicate and we’re committed to preserving languages and working with you, the members of our community, to make that a reality. 

Which languages do you have enabled on SwiftKey? Let us know on Twitter and stay tuned for more updates to come! 

The SwiftKey Team