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SwiftKey for Android welcomes new SwiftKey Hub, nine Indian languages & more, plus a brand new default theme

28th May 2015

Over the last month, we’ve announced multiple phases of our SwiftKey for Android beta – including a brand new look in the form of SwiftKey Hub, the next stage of our partnership with password management experts Dashlane, and new adaptive layouts and languages for speakers of Indian languages, among other changes. Today, this latest big update to SwiftKey Keyboard for Android is officially available to everyone on Google Play.

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SwiftKey Hub SwiftKey for Android

SwiftKey Hub is designed to be the home for all of the content and features you use most often. The Hub replaces the subset of settings previously accessible via long-pressing the ‘123’ key; you can tap or slide on the ‘hamburger’ menu on the far left of the prediction bar for quick access to Personalize, the SwiftKey Store, and Settings.

SwiftKey Store SwiftKey Hub SwiftKey for Android

Inspired by Google’s Material Design language, the Hub makes it easy for you to configure SwiftKey exactly the way you want it. Since the beta, the Hub has undergone a few changes, for example the color scheme has been updated with a lighter look.

In addition to being a faster and easier way to access the SwiftKey Store, the Hub features a carousel of themes you’ve already downloaded as well as built-in free themes for quick and easy browsing. In here you’ll also notice ‘Carbon’ – a brand new default theme! From the Hub, you can tap through to the Store in the SwiftKey app to check out new themes, both free and premium.


Carbon’s design is a combination of the Minimal and Material themes, and aims to visually capture the sleekness and speed of SwiftKey. The base color of this theme was inspired by the element Carbon. Check it out – and read more about this brand new theme here!

New SwiftKey Keyboard for Android default theme Carbon



We’ve also introduced adaptive new layouts to our Hindi, Tamil, Gujarati, Marathi and Nepali languages. The innovative layouts will enable you to write more quickly and easily in the languages that you want to type in. You can read a full rundown of these new layouts and languages here.

Gujarati SwiftKey Keyboard for Android layout

Gujarati layout on SwiftKey Keyboard for Android



Last but not least, the second phase of our Dashlane integration is now available to all SwiftKey users. If you’re already a Dashlane user, you’ll find it now works with SwiftKey to securely predict exactly when you need your passwords, and make them instantly accessible. You can find more about how to use this feature here.

We can’t wait to hear what you think of this latest update, so head to the Google Play Store to get updated and let us know what you think on Facebook, Twitter, or via our VIP forum!

Eric & the Community Team

26 responses to “SwiftKey for Android welcomes new SwiftKey Hub, nine Indian languages & more, plus a brand new default theme”

  1. Hugo Navia says:

    Nice… Still hasn’t appeared on my device but waiting for it =D

  2. Nolan Hughes says:

    can’t wait. still waiting for it to update in the store though.

    • Josh, SwiftKey Community Team says:

      @nhugh406:disqus try again as it should be available now. Sometimes it can take up to 24 hours or more for everyone to get the latest updates from Google Play.

  3. lynchdean says:

    The logo on the space bar is horrible. It was much cleaner without it,

  4. JeniSkunk says:

    What was Bad Evil and Wrong with the beta is now permanent.
    I will be avoiding updating SwiftKey on all my devices due entirely to this.

  5. Guillaume Selme says:

    Would it be possible to have a theme that adapt its color to the one of the currently open window? Like the notification bar on lollipop? It would be, really, awesome

  6. nanomagnetic says:

    this update will WIPE your personal dictionary and disable swipe if you don’t have a language selected. don’t install it.

    • hminney says:

      Don’t understand? I recently factory reset my phone, and SwiftKey picked up my personal predictions dictionary from online – I didn’t even realise that they had put it somewhere! You must be extraordinarily unlucky.

  7. Russell Sauntry says:

    Absolutely beautiful, Carbon theme is so cool.

  8. Josh Richardson says:

    I love SwiftKey, it’s functionality is brilliant, but the one thing I really don’t like about it, is that the emoji’s are horrible..? Whatsapp have the same ones that Apple use, is it not possible to add them to SwiftKey?

    New keyboard looks awesome by the way! 10/10 for design

  9. Asif Mirza says:

    I love SwiftKey, it’s the greatest, I broke my phone once, had to use different keyboard for a while. It really hurt, never again.

  10. Joey Jackson says:

    @Josh, How does one remove the very distracting and ugly Swift key logo on the space bar? Show me any keyboard with a symbol on the space bar .

  11. ggeldenhuys says:

    I absolutely love SwiftKey! I still prefer the Holo theme though. Plus the Christmas theme for the end of the year. 🙂 One suggestion though is to add the theme name to the new theme scroll selection. Some themes look similar but have subtle differences. So I find it difficult to select the correct one, and have to go to the normal settings screen to choose the right one. But that is minor. This app is brilliant!!

  12. Ryan Tombs says:

    Really nice, SwiftKey. But there is STILL not an option to make the number row at the top in the number layout. I despise how it is when in the number and symbols layout with the number ‘pad’ on the right (or left) and symbols next to them. Yes, I know you can enable the number row at the top in the normal layout but I still would like to see this.

    Also, how about a light Theme for Carbon?

  13. Linda Fredian says:

    I don’t have the swiftkey logo on the spacebar or the 123 key, I used to be able to long press the 123 key to gain access to the settings for swiftkey.

  14. Amie Jean says:

    Can you make it so there’s different sounds when I type?

  15. Richard says:

    Whilst SwiftKey is my favoured keyboard (actually an awesome piece of software) as a surveyor it isn’t easy to type a heap of bearings and distances.
    It just doesn’t flow easily.
    The degree ° symbol needs to be also placed somewhere on the numeric keyboard.
    Suggest a long press of 0 key that is currently unused.
    Try typing 12°23’36” 25.436 and various iterations and it soon becomes a very cumbersome keyboard.
    For my use, this is its ONLY downside.

    Predictions are unbelievable.
    Well done developers.

  16. George Okenyehike says:

    Please bring back the settings key. Where you hid it is VERY VERY UGLY and difficult to access.

  17. Robert Cook says:

    I am a long time user and liker of Swiftkey, but I do NOT like the recent update which moved accessing settings to swiping across the prediction line. I find it necessary to swipe several time across the prediction key before I can get settings to come up. This is not an improvement. Please restore the old method to get into settings or at least give a settings item so we can choose which method we want to use.

  18. Adam Hali-Pup Taylor-d'Entremo says:

    I agree that I HATE having the settings on teh prediction bar. I find it actually makes SwiftKey LAG in entering words. It can easily be two or three words behind me so I worry that it won’t capture everything I type Put the settings button back and get the “hamburger” menu out. It SUCKS

  19. frozencloud says:

    How about a light theme for carbon?

  20. sbcontt says:

    Nice way to screw those who used xposed to hide the prediction bar.

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