SwiftKey’s Ben a Founders Forum “Rising Star”

13th June 2013

SwiftKey co-founder and CTO Ben Medlock will speak to 350 entrepreneurs, CEOs and investors today as one of Founders Forum’s “Rising Stars”.

Founders Forum invites leading entrepreneurs to come together to discuss, debate and innovate. They have a rule against making it an event full of speeches – so we’re pleased Ben is one of the few people to present at this week’s gathering just outside London.

“The only part of the Founders Forum events where there are short speeches is the disruptive technology session,” the Founders Forum organizers explain. “During this session we select world class companies who can inspire and change the way we all think about our businesses and futures.

“We spend many months identifying candidates who will showcase their new ideas to founders, investors, journalists and future entrepreneurs,” they add.

Founders Forum was the brainchild of Brent Hoberman, who set up lastminute.com and made.com, and Jonnie Goodwin, of LongAcre and The Wireless Group. It has strong links to the Prime Minister’s office and the British Government’s GREAT campaign.

Ben will be talking about SwiftKey’s vision for transforming the way people interact with devices as well as the company’s innovative approach to solving one of people’s biggest tech bugbears – how to type quickly and easily on touchscreens.



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