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SwiftKey Hub gets a new look in latest SwiftKey for Android update

28th November 2016

We’ve got some exciting new updates to SwiftKey Keyboard for Android today, including a refresh to the SwiftKey Hub that makes it easier than ever to type your most commonly used phrases. We’re especially excited about today’s new features because they have been so highly requested by you, our users! Say hello to Clipboard, Shortcuts and Incognito mode.

With Clipboard you can save phrases then copy and paste them into whatever you’re writing, without having to type it again.clipboard-2-1Shortcuts lets you create a – wait for it – shortcut to any phrase you’ve saved on the Clipboard. For example, instead of typing out your address you could save it to your Clipboard and create the Shortcut “Home1”, which, when typed, expands to your address – saving you time and making typing easier.


Incognito mode gives you even more control over SwiftKey Keyboard and the words and phrases that it learns. Maybe you’re shopping for an engagement ring and don’t want “big diamonds” to show up in your predictions when someone’s borrowing your phone – Incognito has your back! To enable Incognito mode, swipe right on the hamburger menu in the prediction bar – you’ll notice that your keyboard’s theme changes when you’re in Incognito mode. It will only turn off and revert to your chosen theme when you go back into the SwiftKey Hub and tap the ‘Incognito mode’ button again.


These new features are part of a general refresh to the SwiftKey Hub, which is designed to be the home for all of the content and features you use most often, making it easy for you to configure SwiftKey exactly the way you want it. Accessed by tapping or sliding on the ‘hamburger’ menu on the far left of the prediction bar, the Hub gives quick access to the SwiftKey Store, Settings, and now Clipboard.

We can’t wait to hear what you think about these new features – let us know on Twitter!

The SwiftKey Team