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SwiftKey Keyboard for Android update brings sleek redesign and new themes

2nd October 2017

Hi everyone, 

We’ve got a new update for you today on SwiftKey Keyboard for Android, bringing a fresh look and feel to the app! We’re debuting a sleek, redesigned SwiftKey Hub and three new default themes: light, dark and high contrast.  

In this update you’ll also find the newest emoji – everything from fairies  and vampires  just in time for Halloween, to a meditating zen master  and a breastfeeding mother  (full list of new emoji can be found here!). Don’t forget, your phone needs to be running on at least Android Oreo in order to use these.

We’re also adding six new language models to our library of over 200 – (Arabic (Levant), Garifuna, Mongolian (Traditional), Sassarese, Tigrinya, Zazaki) and hashtag predictions, making it faster and easier for you to type trending hashtags. To enable this, just type a hashtag and follow the prompts.  

Let us know what you think about the new look and themes on Twitter and stay tuned for more updates coming soon! 

The SwiftKey Team