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SwiftKey Keyboard for Android rolls out the ‘SwiftKey Hub’, gets mini-makeover in latest beta

23rd April 2015

SwiftKey is infinitely adaptable to each and every user. You can change the layout of your keyboard, expand or shrink it to get more (or less) screen real estate, tap or slide your finger across the screen to enter words…. you can even undock your keyboard completely and move it around your screen (layout, size change options and undocking only currently available on SwiftKey on Android). This is all in addition to the words and phrases that SwiftKey automatically learns from you and predicts at just the right time.


Tap the horizontal menu at left to access the Hub

Today’s SwiftKey Keyboard for Android beta introduces a totally re-imagined settings and content menu: ‘SwiftKey Hub’. The Hub is located in a new, more convenient location to make sure all of SwiftKey’s most popular settings and content (and those coming in the future) are as easy to find and use as possible. It also comes with a sleek, modern look we hope you’ll really like.

It’s split into three different screens, accessed by tapping on one of the three top icons:


Browse themes easily in the SwiftKey Store

The Personalize section will include SwiftKey Cloud, interesting stats about how you type, access to SwiftKey Support and social sharing options. The SwiftKey Store will now let you browse and preview themes in an easier, more intuitive way, and change your theme without ever leaving the app you’re in. The Settings menu is now easier to navigate with updated visuals for each feature.

SwiftKey Keyboard for Android SwiftKey Hub Resize

Resize your keyboard to the perfect size for you

SwiftKey Hub replaces the subset of settings and content previously accessible via long pressing the ‘123’ key. An expanded subset of the settings can be found in a menu on the far left of the prediction bar which you can access by tapping the horizontal menu icon.

The update will also bring adaptive new layouts to our Hindi, Tamil, Gujarati and Marathi languages for the very first time. The new layouts will enable you to write more quickly and easily in the languages that you want to type in.

In addition to these updates, we are in the early stages of testing a collaboration between Dashlane and SwiftKey, which will predict exactly when you need your passwords and provide them in a safe, easy way. This is currently only available to beta testers with Dashlane installed. Stay tuned for more info!

Are you interested in joining our SwiftKey for Android beta? Get all the details here.

Eric & the Community Team

50 responses to “SwiftKey Keyboard for Android rolls out the ‘SwiftKey Hub’, gets mini-makeover in latest beta”

  1. Raúl Díez Martín says:

    Uninstalled after seeing the no option to disable that bad looking three line in the prediction bar. I like the idea of the new menu, but not that way.

  2. 7-down says:

    Do you guys even have a design team? Like, really… that is one ugly looking settings page.

    – Why not just update your themes, they look terrible compared to other keyboards (or) give us beautiful new themes

    – Improve prediction engine + flow

    – Give us keypress sounds

  3. BodySlamINC says:

    Terrible new update, I agree with &-Down and Raul.

  4. groundfighter says:

    Left Swiftkey when google keyboard arrived never looked back.

    • manfulloftrouble says:

      Well, not exactly…it seems you looked back long enough to specifically seek out Swiftkey’s website the day they posted a new feature and took the time to log in and comment about it.

  5. Juan S. Camargo Visbal says:

    How about instead of updates nobody asked, you give us the thing we want, like “make everything prettier!”

  6. elpcmaster says:

    Trash all your themes and start all over.

  7. Ace Marlow says:

    Terrible update. Not a fan of the location of it at all.

  8. Marvels says:

    Please change de sound of click, typewriter is horrible

  9. wade_county says:

    Please make this optional. That hamburger menu looks awful. I will not update my app if I don’t have the option.

  10. stefan van ruiten says:

    I specifically created an account here to comment on the new beta. I love swiftkey and prefer it over swype and TouchPal, however it’s been downhill ever since it went freemium.

    I can live with the bad bad themes, I can ignore them and not user them apart from the material light and dark version.

    The new settings menu however must be designed by the same designer as the recent themes. it’s absolutely awful and childish, overly colorful and huge.

    Android has awesome material design guidelines these days finally unifying the interface and experience and the swiftkey designer thought it would be a good idea to ignore all of them. It’s like the basketball themes but impossible to ignore.

    What is up with the colors. the in your face design? Please don’t release this as final.

    P.s. Can I please disable the logo on the spacebar in the settings in a future update? You don’t need that kind of advertising and breaks the minimal themes look

    • Chris says:

      The guidelines are not a requirement.

      • stefan van ruiten says:

        I know they aren’t a requirement, that is why they are called guidelines and not requirements.

        They are professional and consistent though and would result in a much more attractive app then this new sesamestreet look.

        • Chris says:

          I do t care much for this look but I also don’t get an anrysem over apps not having material design.

          I get that some hard core android nerds get erections over material design but I don’t. It’s not that special and Google is just gonna change the design again in a year or so.

  11. JeniSkunk says:

    Testing it on an 10.1in 720p tablet.
    The hamburger menu needs to be a longpress function of the SwiftKey key.
    Where the hamburger menu is, it can accidentally press Q, or a word prediction.
    Get rid of the SwiftKey branding on the space bar.

  12. Shacha GC says:

    any plan of bringing back hand Handwriting Input i rather see that option back then this new feature

  13. MurdocNicalls says:

    SwiftKey is great, but seriously…every (!) corner of the app needs a complete redesign (Material Design of course).

  14. Steven says:

    very very ugly

  15. bladesuk1 says:

    i love swiftkey, and i’ve used it for years, now. but i’m probably going to have to find an alternative. and no, it’s not just because of the progressive uglification. it’s the fact that it’s bloating. it’s one of the largest pieces of software on my phone these days, and i don’t have the space anymore. it’s not the only app guilty of this, but there are plenty of other alternatives now that’ll be smaller and just as good.

  16. joshjames16 says:

    This is exactly why I won’t go back to SwiftKey, despite it being the best keyboard avaialbe in terms of functionality. It’s damn ugly.

  17. Pixel says:

    Dear Swiftkey team, can you please improve the responsivity of the keyboard and fix the laggy Emoji scrolling ?

  18. Joseph William Plant says:

    I had this app since day one when it was free then I updated and I had to pay.. Don’t mind about the money but I am about the way you did it. Still love the app.. Regards keep up the good work and I love the Chocolate keyboard yummy lol

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