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SwiftKey Keyboard for iOS 8: A first look at themes, and a price reveal

17th September 2014

Hi everyone,

The countdown is on! You’re just one day away from getting your hands on SwiftKey Keyboard for iPhone & iPad! As the launch gets closer, we wanted to share with you some more sneak peeks at what’s coming, and also let you know that SwiftKey for iOS will be free to download.


Here is the first look at the themes that will be available tomorrow. You’ll initially have the choice of two beautiful themes: Nickel Dark and Nickel Light.

Scott Weiss, VP of Design at SwiftKey, explained: “We wanted the Nickel theme family to have a consistent look and feel across both Android and iOS for users on both platforms, but redesigned Nickel specifically for the SwiftKey for iPhone & iPad launch.

“In doing so, we redesigned the icons for Shift, Return, and Backspace. We changed the spacing between the keys to more support the ‘muscle memory’ of iPhone users.

“We even updated the bright blue highlight color to match the SwiftKey brand update – and new logo design – too.”


Scott continued: “We created an entirely new Nickel Light for iPhone & iPad to give users choices at launch. Nickel Light is really fresh and bright.”

“The relationship in color and brightness between the alpha keys and the function keys is very close, and the relationship between the key brightness and the background is close too. Both themes rely on our new hero color for highlights. And we’ve added our new SwiftKey logo to the spacebar, which brightens when tapped, an added detail.”


SwiftKey Keyboard for iPhone & iPad is all about making it easier for you to express what you want to say and tell your story.

You’ll be able to type less, type more accurately and type your way by tapping or swiping with SwiftKey Flow. You’ll also be able to type in up to two languages at once and by signing up to SwiftKey Cloud, teach your SwiftKey to get smarter in seconds.

If you missed our last sneak peek at iOS, you can find it in last week’s blog post.

Almost there! Thanks for your support along the way, and don’t forget to follow along and join the conversation online: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+.


Jon Reynolds & Ben Medlock,
SwiftKey co-founders

26 responses to “SwiftKey Keyboard for iOS 8: A first look at themes, and a price reveal”

  1. Kris says:

    Hi. Just updated to iOS 8 and your app isn’t available in the AppStore

  2. Prinz says:

    I’m on iOS 8 trying to get the app, it’s not available?

  3. Prinz says:

    I’m on iOS 8 trying to get the app, it’s not available?

  4. twhite6878 says:

    Not available on the US App Store or, apparently, the UK App Store…

  5. Vinnie says:

    Same here… Not available in the Canadian store nor the American store. I thought it was supposed to be released on the same day that iOS 8 was gonna be available.

  6. Prinz says:

    I’m currently using Fleksy come on swift key go live I’ve been waiting all day!

  7. icsedge1 says:

    Not seeing in the USA App store either. Need me my SwiftKey!!!

  8. Max Rönnblom says:

    I really hope you’re not making an a** move by only releasing this to a certain country’s app store. I’m gonna be really mad if I’m not seeing this in the Swedish app store by the end of today, the 17’th of sep, just like you announced. I don’t care about language specific translations, I want the keyboard!

    • Harry M. says:

      If you haven’t noticed, no third party keyboards are actually in the store yet. Ones that are available are notetaking apps.

      So, it may not be their fault, but Apples. And secondly, you’re going to make an a** move by being “really mad.” Who needs to get “really mad” about a keyboard?

      • Max Rönnblom says:

        I’m not looking for other keyboard but this one, so since they announced Swiftkey to be released this day and even put out a notification that it was “up” I got a little upset since I couldn’t see it. But it’s finally here now. You don’t say something is up when it isn’t.

        • Harry M. says:

          Except they can’t control Apple’s App Store. So if they say it’s up, but it’s not, it’s because Apple did something. That was the point of mentioning the other keyboards you didn’t want. None of them were up either. Apple pulled them all back.

  9. JoshM_01 says:

    Not in the UK app store after updating to iOS 8…

  10. Amit says:

    Same here guys….i receive the following message “The item you’ve requested is not currently available in the U.S. store.” Help!

  11. Rydhold says:

    New Nickel layouts for iPhone and iPad are great! Shame that they are not available for Android.

  12. DiffStar says:

    Please make the same list of international keyboards available for android also for ios 8 please! Can’t see Danish :/

  13. Richer Nguyen says:

    Not support for Vietnamese 🙁

  14. WhiteMike0903 says:

    I want to know if the themes I’ve purchased on Android will carry over to iOS if/when they become available or will I need to buy them again?? I emailed SwiftKey and didn’t get a clear answer.

  15. Fuzzypiglet says:

    Why aren’t there any new themes – the app has been out for a while now and the only themes are the original two

  16. nsn says:

    no new theme??????

  17. Brittany Kayla says:

    Why does android have more keyboard color options than iPhone?

  18. Ngọc Thọ says:

    Vietnamese please

  19. Pete Coyle says:

    I’m mad about this app, I never thought of getting a third party app for a keyboard the HTC Sense keyboard is adequate, this is not adequate it’s much better than that, I don’t worry about backing up my personal words anymore, hash tags are done in seconds

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