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SwiftKey Keyboard for iPhone & iPad – download it today

17th September 2014

Hi everyone,

We’re thrilled to announce that faster, easier typing is here: SwiftKey Keyboard has arrived on iOS 8! The app is officially available in the iTunes store and it’s free – download it now for iPhone and iPad.

To learn how to quickly install SwiftKey Keyboard on your phone, watch this How-To video:

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SwiftKey Keyboard for iPhone & iPad is the keyboard that learns from you. We’re on a mission to enable you to type less, type more accurately and type your way – tap or swipe with SwiftKey Flow and write effortlessly in up to two languages at once. Supercharge your predictions by using SwiftKey Cloud to teach your SwiftKey how you type in seconds.

At launch, you can choose between two themes to customize your keyboard: Nickel Dark and Nickel Light.

SwiftKey iPhone

You can browse How-To videos on our site and of course you can always reach us on Facebook, Twitter, our VIP Community and our Support Portal with comments and questions. We can’t wait to hear your feedback.

Our mission has always been to make it easy for people everywhere to create and communicate on mobile, and we’re so excited to bring our technology to millions more users on iOS. Thank you so much for your support and for being a part of our road to iOS. We’re just getting started!

Jon Reynolds & Ben Medlock,
SwiftKey co-founders

34 responses to “SwiftKey Keyboard for iPhone & iPad – download it today”

  1. Chad says:

    I was just curious when will it be available for the United States? I have iOS 8 now, but it says that your keyboard currently isn’t available for the US. Thanks

  2. Novica Lungovic says:

    try to download it on the computer and sync it to the phone.

    Also what about the Swedish keyboard, when can we expect it?

  3. Martin Arva says:

    What about Estonian language in ios?

  4. Martin Arva says:

    What about Estonian language in ios?

  5. Alexander Boudreau says:

    I have been a Swiftkey user for many years on Android and I was very excited when they announced that they would be bringing this to iOS 8. I have an iPod and an iPad and I recently just preordered the new iPhone 6 Plus. I’m sad to say that I am disappointed in this app so far. There is no option to use voice dictation and if you want to use that you have to switch to the regular Apple Keyboard. I’m also a little disappointed in the fact that there aren’t options to change the size of the keyboard like on Android and some other customizations. I hope that in the future Swiftkey will implement some of the these because they are functions I use on my Android device and was hoping to use on my new iPhone that is coming soon.

  6. Ander EGURROLA says:

    At last we have it! Well done guys. But… What about basque language in iOS? I have been using it in Android for many years and it has become a must for me.

  7. GutteG says:

    Great!!! Finally!
    Just a few things I’m missing. Split keyboard for iPad, and a transparency setting to be avoid the keyboard blocking text. Longpress for symbols like on Android. And more languages of course.
    Chrome places a voice bar over the suggestions, but I guess that’s Googles problem to fix. Otherwise Swiftkey is one of the things I have missed most when using iOS

  8. tasi says:

    Why can’t I use swipe to type on the iPad, that’s the feature I most wanted to use?

  9. Max Rönnblom says:

    My wishlist after the first impression:
    * More languages – a big priority (Emojis too?)
    * Long press for symbols instead of the 123-button
    * Add an extra row for numbers
    * Replace the 123-button with the settings button as on Android
    * Adjustable keyboard size
    * More themes
    * When switching to Swiftkey in some apps the text field pops up a second later and then covers some content on the screen – idk if it’s an Apple, 3rd party app or a Swiftkey related bug, but it need to be fixed.
    * In time, I’m sure Swiftkey will add all functionalities from the Android version to this one too, including heat map etc, can’t wait!
    Keep up the good work Swiftkey!

  10. cr0ft says:

    What’s up with the utterly pathetic amount of languages supported? On Android you can get some that are actually relevant to me. Without that, Swiftkey is completely irrelevant for anyone not speaking English, Spanish or Portuguese. Sure, that covers a lot of the world, but it also doesn’t cover vast swaths of it. It’s great to see Swiftkey on iOS… now excuse me while I delete it.

  11. Have waited for years for this, and then no danish support. It can’t be that difficult to make a iOS version that supports the same keyboards as on Android.

  12. Petr Novák says:

    Wow, SwiftKey for iOS, I was was waiting for this day …. Grrr, when will it support the complete set of languages as the Android version? Czech language?

  13. Łukasz Bartczak says:

    When will SwiftKey support Polish language ? 😉 We are waiting 😉

  14. chriskeens says:

    Flow is the only real feature that would make this useful for me. However, since I have an iPad, i have had to swipe this text using a rival keyboard!

  15. Carsten Holløse says:

    Very good product, but you need more international characters support. Looking forward to danish/norwegian/swedish support.!

  16. nekrikstas says:

    Amazing product!
    It is interesting that it predicts words in Lithuanian and does it pretty ok, though I am using English keyboard. One problem is that keyboard doesn’t have specific Lithuanian characters, thus I can’t write and make it learn some of the new words. And Lithuanian suggestions also mix with English ones 😉
    By the way I noticed that iOS text shortcuts do not work with 3rd party keyboards.
    Please, hurry up with more languages!

  17. Pedro. says:

    What about flow for iPad? I would love to have flow for ipad…

  18. Asimoalex says:

    Is it gonna a get emoji predict??? That’s like one of the most useful features SwiftKey has on Android that and the number row

  19. Esteve Graells says:

    Great product but lacking catalan support, any plans on that? Thanks.

  20. Lewis Litt says:

    No swipe on iPad is very disappointing.

  21. brandobean says:

    SwiftKey coming to IOS8 was the single biggest reason I was considering
    jumping from Android… awesome. BUT, I understand you
    don’t have long press for punctuation/numbers and don’t have swipe left
    for delete-word. Those are the 2 missing features that make me want to
    hurl friends’ iPhone across the room when I try and use the apple
    keyboard. Can you tell us if they are missing due to API issues? or are
    they planned and just aren’t in version 1.0? Thanks!

  22. Enzo says:

    Please do the Slovak language soon. Also would be GREAT having the line with numbers present on the main keyboard.
    Thank You, you did amazing with ver. 1.0 overall

  23. iBurton says:

    Please add Lithuanian lenguage! Waiting so long for lithuanian keybord in apple ios..

  24. Tomas Kamarauskas says:

    Please add Lithuanian. So frustrating to use stock iOS keyboard

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