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SwiftKey Keyboard update brings extra fixes

22nd April 2014

Hi everyone

We have an update to the SwiftKey Keyboard today which resolves some of the issues flagged by you, our brilliant users.

Today’s update includes the following fixes:

  • Google+ and Gmail authentication now working with accounts that are not registered on the phone
  • Force closes with the expiry messages in the trial version and notifications in some languages now fixed
  • Improved Left-Right cursor behavior in Dolphin browser input fields (however, there is still a known issue regarding Up-Down movement)

You can download the latest version by returning to the App Store you purchased the SwiftKey Keyboard from and tapping to update. It is live in Google Play; as the Amazon App Store needs to approve each update, Amazon users may experience a short delay while this process is completed.

Thank you to everyone who takes the time to visit the forums to report bugs and suggest features and improvements – your feedback helps shape our development process. Don’t worry if your bug fix or idea isn’t listed here yet, we’re hard at work on new fixes and features.

Our emoji support and number row are still in beta as we continue to make improvements – find out more and download the free beta on the blog.


The SwiftKey Team

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8 responses to “SwiftKey Keyboard update brings extra fixes”

  1. Orleans Adrián says:

    Multiwindows on Galaxy S4. When using Swiftkey with the multiwindows view on Galaxy S4, it´s necessary to change to the Samsung keyword to work well, between the two screens. If someone has the opportunity please check this.

  2. Steve Mancia says:

    Wny doesn’t swfitkey remember my last name? It keeps suggesting Steve Jobs

  3. Sharad Maheshwari says:

    When will be Indian currency symbol added to keyboad?

  4. Jenny Braithwaite says:

    Hi, I love swiftkey on my phone, but howcome the arrow keys, one of your best features, are so poorly represented on the tablet layouts? I’d love to have at least the option to have them ALWAYS displayed at the bottom/side. Especially in thumb mode where there would be plenty of space left for them. Tapping through the 123 menu is needlessly slow and I’d really appreciate convenience as typing on a tablet is pretty tiresome as it is…

  5. Brian Witt says:

    I hate the new update. bring back the pumpkin theme, the multiple choices under the period button and the voice to text stops way too quick when I pause for even a second. And give me my arrow keys back! How can you jack up a perfectly good app like this?

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