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SwiftKey Note, our debut app for iOS, is out now

30th January 2014

Hi everyone!

After months of hard work, today we’re very excited to unveil our first product for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch – SwiftKey Note. It’s always been our mission as a company to give you a more human typing experience on your devices and now we are thrilled to extend that reach to Apple users in our beautiful new app. Get it now for free from the App Store.

SwiftKey Note is the fastest way to take notes on iOS. Packed with all the magical prediction power and learning ability that our technology is famous for, the app suggests words as you type that are uniquely tailored to your writing style. It also includes our hallmark next-word predictions, letting you speed through your notes.

The app is even better if you connect your Evernote account. With a single tap, you can enable SwiftKey Note to learn from your archive and seamlessly backup and sync new notes across devices and to the cloud. We’ve worked hard with the folks at Evernote to make the integration really easy and powerful and we’re positive you’ll love it.

You can find out more about SwiftKey Note’s features on our new website.

Today’s launch is a big moment for us – bringing the magic of SwiftKey technology to millions of potential new users. Over the years, we’ve had thousands of emails, tweets and inquiries from people with Apple devices keen to use our technology. We also know that many of our SwiftKey Keyboard users on Android also have iDevices, whether an iPad, a second cell phone, or an iPod touch. We can’t wait for you all to try out SwiftKey Note and tell us what you think.

As we continue to grow and expand, we want to take a moment to assure users of SwiftKey Keyboard on Android that our commitment to you has never been stronger. We’re adding more and more great members to our team and have some really exciting and innovative developments in the pipeline. We have an ambitious cross-platform vision, to deliver users a delightful and transformative experience on their devices, providing technology that adapts to you, not the other way around. SwiftKey Note is a major achievement in that exciting journey, but by no means our only focus.

If you’d like to join us on our quest to make technology more human, head to our careers page and check out our current openings. We’re always looking for talented people to help us grow.

In the meantime, happy note taking!

Joe and the SwiftKey team

In the media? We’re happy for journalists and bloggers around the world to write about SwiftKey’s news. Find today’s details and contact information on our press releases page.

19 responses to “SwiftKey Note, our debut app for iOS, is out now”

  1. Jessica Williamson says:

    Excellent news for us Applers! And congrats to you guys! Installation in progress as we speak… 🙂

  2. Christian Osswald says:

    You really need to release your keyboard standalone to the Cydia store.
    Swiftkey really is the ONLY thing i miss on my iPhone. It´s just the best keyboard out there. Please Touchtype, make us Jailbreakers happy 🙂

  3. chiefer says:

    Awesome! But how can I apply Polish language to it?

  4. Jorge C. says:

    I want it!! I dont like the iOS native keyboard, I want to set Swiftkey as default!!

  5. I hope this comes to Android Soon. I’ve been both a swiftkey keyboard and Evernote user from the begining of both products. I love em both.

    • Alex says:

      But in Android, you can just use Swiftkey with the Evernote app — why would you need this?

      It’s required on iOS, as iOS users can’t use 3rd party keyboards in their apps in most cases. I believe that the exceptions are if the iOS device is jailbroken, or if the application has been specifically written to embed a particular 3rd party keyboard.

      Edit: Also, this iOS version doesn’t include Flow support, as I understand it, so you’re much better off with Android still 🙂

      • Alex, Not being iOS user, I had no idea that you can’t use 3rd party keyboards. I never use flow so that is not a huge selling point to me. 🙂

        Thanks for the correction.

        • Chris says:

          Yeah. Its one of the things I miss when I’m on my iPad while my Android phone has Swift key.

          Apple loves to keep things closed. you are very limited on what you can do. Only good thing going for them is the app selection. A lot more and better quality then what you find on Android.

      • Slinkwyde says:

        Sure, you can use SwiftKey with the Evernote app on Android. The problem is it doesn’t learn from your use of Evernote on other platforms.

        Try applying your argument to Gmail (which SwiftKey *can* learn from), and you’ll see the problem. I think it would be great if SwiftKey on Android could learn my writing style from my Evernote account.

  6. Meyer Assayag says:

    It would be great if your app supports a two way communication with third party apps through url scheme. That will allow for example to a third app to add a Swifkey Note option when the keyboard (the native one) appears. Tapping that button (just an example) will redirect to the SwiftKey Note app installed on device, opens a new Note (maybe with initial text copied from clipboard) and once end editing, tapping on a Done button will reopen back that third party app with the text box filled.

  7. Glenn Proctor says:

    Is the ability to learn from Evernote notes coming to Swiftkey Cloud in the Android app? It would be great to have suggestions from Evernote as well as the exisiting Facebook, Twitter, GMail etc.

  8. Kensen Peter says:

    Thank a lot, it was so great news to read, Super work you hav done 🙂
    Swiftkey is the ONLY thing i miss from my Galaxy 🙂 Hope you also will release a danish dictonary.

  9. Great app. I hope the team decides to build in support for dropbox sync as well.

  10. Rajesh Dasi says:

    I’m facing with an issue with the language installation. When ever I’m opening the SwiftKey Note application it is showing me install languages dialog.When ever I tried to install one it’s failing to install. I tried with both the mobile network and the over WI-FI but yet couldn’t install the add-on’s.

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