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SwiftKey partners with Clarion for smarter in-car technology

9th January 2014

2014 starts with a bang at SwiftKey with the news of our recent partnership with top in-car entertainment manufacturer Clarion on their AX1 Android car stereo. The AXI, which stands for ‘Android Experience 1’, is a state-of-the-art multimedia device which boasts an array of features designed to enhance the user experience on the road. These include a user-friendly Android interface similar to a smartphone interface – complete with touchscreen, upgradable software and apps – and an Internet browser app that allows Internet surfing, access to email and YouTube browsing.

Excitingly, SwiftKey is providing the default keyboard across the whole device so passengers can use it to type in anything from a favorite song choice to directions for a particularly complex journey – inevitably made faster and more accurate by the SwiftKey experience!

This is a great illustration of the way SwiftKey’s text entry technology can be applied to different scenarios and the car industry is currently at the forefront of an innovation revolution. It also demonstrates our ongoing commitment to using our core technology to help make interacting with technology an easier, more intuitive and more human user experience.

Clarion has made great progress with the ‘connected car’ experience and we hope that by enhancing the way users communicate SwiftKey will improve the overall experience as well. The AX1 has undergone an industry-level testing regime; and its specifications, safety systems and quality all comply with international automotive standards set by car manufacturers.

The stereo is currently available in a handful of countries in South-East Asia but it will be rolled in out in both the US and Europe later this year, so watch this space!


Sarah and the SwiftKey Team

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