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SwiftKey Stats hits Android today!

10th March 2016

Back in January, SwiftKey Stats hit our SwiftKey Keyboard for Android beta, and all of a sudden, our beta users knew a lot more about how they type. We’re excited to announce that SwiftKey Stats is officially available with today’s update (version – download now to get your hands on it!

Note: In order to access SwiftKey Stats in this update, your phone must be running Android 4.4 and above and your phone must be set to an English locale.

Before SwiftKey Stats hit our Android app, you could check out fun stats like how far you’ve flowed with SwiftKey Flow, how many typos you’ve corrected, how many keystrokes you’ve saved and more. With SwiftKey Stats, you get an even deeper look at the unique way that you type.


Born from an idea in one of our Innovation Weeks, SwiftKey Stats is a fun and interesting look at your typing habits – with both words and emoji. Here’s what you’ll find:

  • Topics – 3-5 different subjects you type about the most. We created a bunch of fun, diverse categories to show you some of the topics you love to talk about – from Art & Design to Comics and everything in-between.
  • Top Emoji – the emoji you use most often. This is a cloud-like visualization of the emoji you use the most – the bigger the emoji in the ‘cloud’, the more you use it.
  • Signature Emoji – the emoji you use more than other people. This emoji is generated by the emoji you overuse compared to the average (this is not the emoji you use most often).
  • Vocabulary Size – how many words has SwiftKey learned from you? This number starts at zero when you install – find out how much your personal SwiftKey vocabulary has grown!

To get your hands on SwiftKey Stats, you need to sign into SwiftKey, which gives you access to a collection of features that makes SwiftKey smarter and more customized to your typing, among other features. Personalizing jumpstarts this learning process, which means your SwiftKey Stats will be full of info – read: ready to brag about – from the get go.

SwiftKey is centered around the concept that a keyboard that learns from your writing habits & predicts your most-used words is the fastest and easiest way to type on a smartphone. SwiftKey Stats is a fun way to get an insight into what’s going on behind the scenes of your SwiftKey Keyboard, and only you can see your SwiftKey Stats, unless you decide to share them. Your privacy and comfort are extremely important to us, as we expect they are for you. You can read more how SwiftKey protects your privacy and data are in our Privacy Policy and Data Security Policy.

What’s your favorite SwiftKey Stat? Let us know on Twitter!

Nicky and the Comms Team