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Samsung user satisfaction up, HTC and Motorola down

28th August 2012

Samsung users are happier with their phones now than they were in 2011, while those with HTC and Motorola phones are much less happy.

Our survey of 17,000 smartphone users, conducted in June in partnership with Pocket-Lint and Mobile Nations, asked users to rate their phones on a scale from “excellent” to “unusable”. The rankings of the top Android manufacturers shows a significant shakeup from when we asked the same question in April 2011.

In 2011 the best-rated Android phone manufacturer was HTC, with 86% of users saying their HTC phone was “very good” or “excellent”. In fact in 2011 HTC users were just as happy with their phones as iPhone users! Next came Motorola with 80% approval. Samsung lagged behind with 78%.

In our 2012 survey HTC and Motorola’s satisfaction ratings plummeted to 67% and 64% respectively. In contrast Samsung users were more likely to say their phone was “very good” or “excellent”, with 82% giving their Samsung phone the seal of approval. The date of the survey (late May / early June) meant that only three out of our 6,500 Samsung users surveyed had the new Galaxy SIII.

iPhone still leads the pack, with a slight drop in satisfaction from 86% to 84%. In spite of a bad year for RIM, Blackberry users show good brand loyalty, with a slight increase in satisfaction from 68% to 70%, putting Blackberry (ranked last in 2011) ahead of HTC and Motorola in the satisfaction stakes.

Are you happier with your phone than you were last year? Let us know in the comments.

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