SwiftKey X update brings blog learning, heatmaps and more

30th September 2011

Hi all. We’re pushing an update out to SwiftKey X and SwiftKey Tablet X today that adds a bunch of new features, improvements and bug fixes.

The highlights are:

  • Blog and RSS learning, so you can personalize based on your previous posts;
  • A heatmap that shows how accurately you type on your keyboard (these insights are used by SwiftKey to make predictions more accurate);
  • A new stats panel that gives great insights into what SwiftKey is doing for you, which you can share with your friends;
  • Language layout switching for users who use different keyboard layouts (e.g. English/Russian users);
  • The reintroduction of the autocaps toggle for those who wish to always write in lower case.

We also have the following improvements and bug fixes:


  • Alternative character selection – now select with a slide rather than a new tap (this works for smileys too)
  • Instant language updates – refresh your language list to see new languages and new updates as soon as they are ready
  • Various layout and user interface usability improvements.
  • Better error reporting.
  • General performance and memory usage improvements.

Bug Fixes:

  • Various crashes and forced closes.
  • Various hard keyboard issues.
  • Incorrect cursor behaviour.
  • Various layout bugs on different screen sizes.
  • Various performance issues.
  • Dead zone on the space bar key on some tablets

We hope you like the update! It should be rolling out across all major app stores in the next day or so.



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