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Swiftmoji calling it a night, but emoji are sticking around

16th April 2018

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Hi everyone, 

Nearly two years ago, we launched Swiftmoji, an experimental SwiftKey app designed to give you emoji predictions based on what you just typed. Thank you for trying it out and giving us your feedback on your experience  !

We’ve taken that feedback in and have focused on bringing everything we’ve learned to our core SwiftKey Keyboard apps on Android and iOS. We’re continuing to innovate on the best possible typing experience for you, whether that includes your favorite words, phrases, emoji or otherwise.  

Beyond intelligent next-word prediction and autocorrect that actually works , SwiftKey has predictive emoji, support for GIFs and Stickers and themes to change up the look of your phone depending on your mood. On SwiftKey for Android, you can access the emoji panel and our emoji prediction multiple ways: you can find it on the Toolbar, located under the ‘+’ sign to the left of the prediction bar, or you can find them on the emoji panel as you’re used to. On SwiftKey for iOS, you can access emoji by pressing on the smiley icon to the left of your spacebar. 

While you’ll still be able to use Swiftmoji if you’ve already downloaded it, there won’t be further updates – and you can find everything you need in SwiftKey Keyboard. Simply download and/or update SwiftKey Keyboard on Android or on iOS to check out these features and continue to receive updates.  

Thank you again for using Swiftmoji! We’re looking forward to even more innovative features and ways to improve your typing experience down the line – stay tuned.  

The SwiftKey Team    

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