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SXSW 2014: Make it noteworthy

6th March 2014

Hi everyone,

This Friday, we’re headed to Austin for another year of attending SXSW Interactive, and looking forward to a week packed full of innovative and interesting ideas. Past years have wowed us with fascinating presentations and people, and we’re sure that this year will be no different. But one thing we’ve noticed during our experiences at SXSW is the scramble to keep up with these ideas and take meaningful notes that can be made sense of when the week winds down and we come back to earth.

With this in mind, we used SwiftKey’s signature language technology to pull information from the program guide for SXSW 2014: keynote speakers, sessions, Austin street names and venues. Armed with all of this data, we’ve built a custom language model tailored to the SXSW experience. Simply download SwiftKey Note, our first app for iPhone and iPad, enable the SXSW language model in “Settings”, and you’re all set to take your SXSW note-taking to the next level. One quick tip: the predictions will work best if you make sure that you only enable the SXSW language model, so just untick the other languages installed during the conference. For example, if you start typing the session title “Content &”, SwiftKey Note will suggest “Commerce: The Digital Cronut” as the next four predictions. And really, who doesn’t need a built-in prediction for “cronut”?

So, this year, don’t just survive SXSW – make it noteworthy.

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