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Take our survey and win a phone or tablet

21st November 2013

Update: the survey has now closed. Thank you to everyone who took part. The winner was Scott from Washington State, who chose a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet.

Here at SwiftKey we like to listen to our users in order to understand what they really want. Now we’re branching out – we want to hear from everyone who uses a smartphone or a tablet, even if their device doesn’t support SwiftKey.

We’re conducting a survey to find out what smartphone and tablet users really think about their devices. One lucky winner will win a phone or tablet of their choice, up to a value of $800. Which will you choose – a new Galaxy S4, an HTC One, a Nexus 10, or even an iPhone 5S? You can choose any phone or tablet whatsoever, it doesn’t have to be on Android, just as long as it is available to buy in your country (without contract). Ten runners-up will get a Moshi prize pack and an exclusive SwiftKey t-shirt.

Take the survey here.

The survey is open to everyone aged over 18, all over the world, who owns a smartphone or a tablet. If you invite your friends to complete the survey they can give you extra entries into the competition, so please spread the word! Big thanks to our friends at Android Central, iMore and Crackberry for helping share this with their readers, and our friends at Moshi for donating the prizepacks. The full terms and conditions are here.

Last year we found out that Android was catching up with iPhone on paid apps, and that Samsung users were happier with their phones than the previous year, but HTC users were less happy. What will we find out this year?

Cheers, Charlie

Update: We have extended the survey over the Thanksgiving weekend – don’t forget to tell your friends so they can get you extra entries into the prize draw!

38 responses to “Take our survey and win a phone or tablet”

  1. Great 🙂 I can have it even here in Brazil? Usually those kind of promos exclude some countries.

  2. sayitghoul says:

    Done 🙂 Entered from the UK

  3. lalala says:

    really hope to have more layout colours and emoji in the future!

  4. digitalicecream says:

    Your survey is flawed. Question #25 What brand is your tablet? You left out Microsoft. So when I go to fill in the blank, I’m forced to select one of the Android or Apple devices or select “I don’t know”. Even if folks could care less (or think I’m trolling), if you want an accurate survey result you need to include ALL of the options in order to gauge accurate feedback. I can’t select Dell, or Acer, so I’m stuck with “I don’t know”. Fix your Survey?

    I wasn’t going to comment initially, but since you took entries from folks with ipads, (swiftkey is not on IOS right?) I thought I’d weigh in.

  5. guyfromtrinidad says:

    you have some spelling errors in the survey and where you meant to say tablet in one question it says phone.

  6. sandesh shetty says:


  7. Marsup says:

    I gave up on the survey. Every now and then, when going to the next step, it goes back to the 1st step and I have to re-enter everything. Did it 3 times, I’m done with it…

  8. Crap! This survey doesn’t work! I lost my time.

  9. Christopher Fullenkamp says:

    The survey is flawed, each time I get to the last page it sends me back to the first page…wish I could complete it…

  10. Charlie says:

    It looks as if surveymonkey is having a few problems in Chrome – sometimes when you submit a page it sends you back to the beginning.
    We have contacted them about this issue – in the meantime try filling in the survey using a different browser.
    Very sorry about this!

  11. Guest says:

    What really grinds my hears? I will not win this contest if I take a survey. I have a CHANCE to win it… but the headline clearly tells me I will win. If headlines were accountable, I’d be a wealthy man with a new tablet.

  12. frogstar42 says:

    What really grinds my gears? I will not win this contest if I take a survey. I have a CHANCE to win it… but the headline clearly tells me I will win. If headlines were accountable, I’d be a wealthy man with a new tablet.

  13. Jon E. says:

    Really can not wait for the Japanese input option you guys said was being worked on around Feburary! 🙂

  14. Angelo Allegra says:

    Thanks Swiftkey! Awesome contest!
    Entering it from Italy! 🙂

  15. VictorMartino says:

    Wait, do they give us the actual money? I mean, how could they choose the phone in our country? They’d have to give us the money to buy the phone.

  16. IceCube says:

    Great job guys!

  17. Chris Glahn says:

    I wish my WebOS tablet had SwiftKey – but when I dual-booted to Android, it’s actually the first app I downloaded. I couldn’t live without it.

  18. Stuntman06 says:

    I gave my tablet keyboard a rating of 1 for everything except 10 for typing experience. It has no auto correct or text prediction or any of those fancy features. The reason I gave it a 10 for typing experience is that it has one thing that no software keyboard can give me. That is tactile feedback. You see, my tablet’s keyboard is a physical keyboard.

  19. Rick jaan says:

    least chance to win …….lol

  20. sephie says:

    I can’t fill out the survey, because I haven’t used the phone’s default keyboard in over a year and honestly do not know about its current state and feature set.

  21. Kyle Clinton says:

    Swift Key- Neon Keypad- Swipe = Awesome- Hit 100,000 Keystrokes the other day- ONLY keyboard I use now-

  22. Cenon Francis Manansala says:

    Just completed the survey.

  23. Jose Escalante says:

    So who won?

  24. esam says:

    i want compitionabout arsenal

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