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Type Like A Pirate with PirateKey X!

16th September 2011

Ahoy there me hearties! For one week only SwiftKey is embracing piracy… of the seafaring kind!

Monday September 19th is International Talk Like A Pirate Day and to celebrate this, in conjunction with the relaunch of the SwiftKey VIP community, we have created a special keyboard – PirateKey X!

Our VIPs can be Very Important Pirates with this special fun version of SwiftKey X which helps you to not just Talk Like a Pirate but also to text, tweet, and email like a pirate.

D’ye want t’join our crew? Get ye to and if ye can correctly answer the tricksy riddle ye can join the crew of the good ship SwiftKey. If ye answers wrong, ye walks the plank!

If ye have a parrot on yer shoulder squawkin’ and twitterin’ why not follow us on Twitter and tweet with the hashtag #TweetLikeAPirate? If ye be a non-tweeting landlubber ye can drink a mug o’grog with us on Facebook instead.

Arr, we be lookin’ forward t’ hearin’ yer tweets and yer piratey sayings. Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum.

Cap’n Charlie “Cat O’Nine Tails”

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