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Ten emoji basically no one ever uses

12th January 2016

We’ve all been there: scrolling through seemingly endless pages searching for that perfect image to represent exactly what you’re thinking right now. A smiling cat CatHeartEye-Emoji, a beer Emoji-Beer, a car Emoji-Car… and a pager Emoji-Pager – is it 1997? A red triangle Emoji-RedTrianglethat’s used for… ? And what is this supposed to be: Emoji-RedJaggedSign

You might remember our Emoji Report from last year, in which we analyzed billions of pieces of data to create the definitive assessment of how SwiftKey users use emoji – and what it all means.

We picked ten of the least-used emoji from our data – check out our findings! Are any of them surprising to you?

  1. Emoji-Recycle – This one surprised us a little bit; we thought most people were jumping on the eco-friendly/recycling bandwagon these days!
  2. Emoji-GasPump – Maybe gas has just gotten so expensive that people don’t even want to talk about it anymore.
  3. Emoji-Golf – According to SwiftKey’s golf-obsessed VP of Business Rhodri Thomas, “golf is a dying sport”, so that might explain why no one uses the “Flag in Hole” more.
  4. Emoji-RotaryPhone – For those of you who don’t recognize what this is (lookin’ at you, millenials), it’s a land line. Yes, a phone that must be plugged into the wall at all times. 
  5. Emoji-FloppyDisk – Even more of you might not know what THIS is: a floppy disk (or, for you youngsters, an old-timey way of transferring files from computer to computer).
  6. Emoji-Anchor – Ahoy, guess there aren’t too many sea-faring users out there.
  7. Emoji-WindChimes– Apparently, this is a wind chime. For all those times you desperately need to use a wind chime in your texts. (Someone please give us an actual example of this)
  8. Emoji-Rolodex – Here’s another oldie for you – a genuine Rolodex!
  9. Emoji-PassportControl – Does anyone actually have eagle eyes sharp enough to see what this even is? Well, it turns out it’s supposed to represent “Passport Control”. Who knew!
  10. And the very least used emoji in the world is…Emoji-Ideograph6709 – or (obviously) “Squared CJK Unified Ideograph-6709”. According to Emojipedia, this one means “to own” or “to possess”. Fun fact of the day!

Do you use any of these? Tell us why and what you use them for on Twitter!

Olivia and the SwiftKey Team