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Text like the Queen with SwiftKey

1st June 2012

Our language experts have created a fun little treat for you to mark Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee weekend – a limited edition version that allows you to text like Her Majesty.

We used our artificial intelligence software to analyse Queen Elizabeth II’s speeches to enable you to add a regal touch when you type. The English (Queen’s) language model is available to SwiftKey X and SwiftKey Tablet X users, as well as users of the new SwiftKey 3 Beta.

Our language research uncovered the most distinctive words and phrases used by the Monarch since ascending to the throne in 1952.

You can join us in celebrating the Jubilee by using the new Queen’s language setting for SwiftKey to type the most regal sentence you can think of – what do you believe the Monarch would write? On Twitter, use the hashtag #QueenTweet to tell @SwiftKey what the app predicts for you. Or, join the conversation on our Facebook page.

Here are our top three tips for how to sound like The Queen when you type:

    • Contrary to popular belief, you do not need to drop all your ‘I’s’ for ‘One’s’. Her Majesty uses “I” nearly six times more than “One”;
    • Make “My Government will” your most common phrase;
    • Do not use colloquial abbreviations. According to the analysis, Her Majesty rarely uses contractions – for example, ‘It’s’ is used just nine times, ‘it is’ is used 208 times; ‘Do not’ is used three times as many times as ‘don’t’;  ‘Can’t’, ‘won’t’ and ‘weren’t’ are not used once.

“Recently there’s been a lot of focus on the King’s Speech, so we thought it was only fair to devote attention to Queen Elizabeth II, who has after all now reigned for 45 years longer than her father,” SwiftKey’s Head of Language, Dr. Caroline Gasperin explained.

“The research we conducted meant combing through the words the Queen has used in her speeches and building a personalised language model. Our software learns how individuals type over time, which means it can accurately predict what they’re likely to say next. Interestingly, the most common 20 phrases used by The Queen do not match the phrases most used by the general public. To celebrate the Jubilee weekend, our new Queen’s English language model can help you adopt her distinctive tone.”

The top 10 most used word sequences across Her Majesty’s digitised archives reveal her favourite topics are her husband Prince Philip, her Government and her subjects.

  1. “My Government will”        – uttered 217 times
  2. “Men and women”              – 144 times
  3. “The United Kingdom”         – 139 times
  4. “Prince Philip and”              – 135 times
  5. “Will continue to”                – 123 times
  6. “Be introduced to”               – 119 times
  7. “Will be introduced”            – 118 times
  8. “It is easy”                           – 113 times
  9. “The Commonwealth”         – 111 times
  10. “Philip and I”                        – 101 times

The Queen’s language also reveals that she has an optimistic frame of mind with “confident”, “delighted”, “glad” and “pleased” uttered 125 times more than her famous “annus horribilis”, expressed just once in her 1992 address following the Windsor Castle fire and revelations about her sons’ private lives.

You, our users, have saved 60 billion keystrokes in total since we launched – and it seems Her Majesty could also benefit, saving 46 per cent of her keystrokes if she’d used the standard English setting on our app when she wrote her speeches.

Happy typing this Jubilee weekend from all at SwiftKey!

PS Rest assured, creating this language model did not detract from the time spent developing the other products and services we produce.

Update Our CTO Dr Ben Medlock has been invited onto the BBC World Service to talk about our Queen’s English language model – you can listen to it here.

Here’s how to find the Queen’s English language model:

  • From SwiftKey go to Settings > Languages and Layouts
  • Hit the menu button and choose “Update Languages”
  • Scroll down to find English (Queen’s) and tap to download
  • When downloaded, English (Queen’s) will appear at the top of the page with your other downloaded languages
  • To get the best, most regal predictions, disable all language models apart from English (Queen’s)
  • Go back and write something, you will now be writing with predictions based on the Queen’s English and your own personal language model
  • To write using only the Queen’s English, clear your personal language data by going to Settings > Personalization and choosing “Clear language data”.
  • To re-learn your personal writing style after the Jubilee personalise using your sent SMSs, Twitter tweets, Facebook posts, Gmail emails and/or your blog posts.


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