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The SwiftKey Prez-o-meter president is…?

8th November 2012

The results are in… and according to the SwiftKey Prez-o-meter, the President of the United States for the next four years is indeed Barack Obama!

We created a tool to analyze your tweets and tell you which presidential candidate you communicate most like, using our technology to compare your language to that used by both Democrat Barack Obama and his Republican rival Mitt Romney. You tested it out in your thousands and now we’ve crunched the stats, we can reveal the average result was 59.3% Obama and 40.7% Romney, making Obama the clear Prez-o-meter winner.

In fact, the Twitter accounts you plugged into the game were more favorable to Obama than the American electorate, as in real life he won just 50.4% of the popular vote (Florida has not published its final tally at time of writing).

Our Prez-o-meter was covered by Fox News, The Next Web, Mashable and Tech News Daily among other outlets and it was great to see so many of you trying it out.

We built it on one of our staff hack days – for most of our language analysis work we prefer to get our hands on significantly more data than we had to play with this time! But we hope it was fun, we hope it proved interesting to voters and we hope it showed off that our language technology expertise has a great many uses beyond making the smartest, most successful keyboard app in the world!

Keep your eyes peeled for other language innovations from SwiftKey in future!


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