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The United States of Emoji: Which state does your emoji use most resemble?

18th August 2015

Did you know that 74% of Americans report using emoji every single day? Or that nearly half of Instagram comments include emoji? If you were to go by media coverage, you might think we’ve stopped using traditional language altogether and replaced it with one characterized by tiny yellow doodles, smiling poo, and LOTS of trains.

As a company that specializes in learning from you to predict the best possible words – or emoji – we know a LOT about how people communicate. Today, we’re sharing more of this learning with you in our US Emoji Report.

We dug back into the SwiftKey Cloud vaults and analyzed more than a billion (aggregate) emoji to learn how people in each US state use emoji.

Learn more about SwiftKey Cloud here.

This report follows our first Emoji Report, which analyzed over 1.5 billion emoji across 16 languages and showed how emoji are used all over the world, as well as Part II, which analyzed 15 additional languages’ emoji use (spoiler: Australia is naughty!).

So what did we learn about how Americans use emoji? Here’s just a handful of the fascinating – and sometimes totally obvious – insights we found while parsing through all this data. You can dig into the rest of the data with our interactive map here

  • California – ranks highly for Emoji-Taxi taxi emoji (Uber and Lyft founded here)
    • Also ranks high for Emoji-Sushi sushi, Emoji-Ramen ramen, Emoji-Lemon lemon, Emoji-Sunset sunset and Emoji - Bike bike
  • Hawaii – #1 for everything you would expect (Emoji-Surfing surfing, Emoji-Rainbow rainbows, Emoji-Waves waves, Emoji-Pineapple pineapples, Emoji-Volcanovolcano)  – interestingly, it’s also #1 for the Emoji-Basketball basketball
  • Maine – #1 for Emoji-Volcano volcanoes (Maine has SUPERvolcanoes- among world’s biggest!)
  • New York – #1 for Emoji-StatueofLiberty Statue of Liberty emoji

What do you think? Does this sound like how friends and family in your state use emoji? Let us know on Twitter!  You can read the full report here

Alongside this, we’re also launching Emoji Insights, three new stats that tell you about how you use emoji:

  • My Signature Emoji – the emoji you use more than other people
  • My Top Emoji – the emoji you use most often
  • Emoji State – the US state that most reflects your emoji use*


For more info on Emoji Insights, check out the blog here.

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