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The world according to SwiftKey

18th April 2013

Last week we showed you what your SwiftKey stats mean; today we’re taking a look at the habits of SwiftKey users around the world. Based on our anonymous usage stats, we’ve got some very interesting insights about how different countries use SwiftKey and we’d love to share them.

Starting with size, the USA is the country with the most SwiftKey users – Google Play tells us that 42% of our users are in the States. But neighboring Mexico has the most productive typists, each entering 2,650 characters per day, compared to an average of 1,794. That’s enough to fill 19 tweets.

Denmark is the country with the most efficient typists – the average efficiency there is 37%, compared to 34% overall. Perhaps this is because Danish users love to use SwiftKey predictions – one in 15 of their words is chosen without typing a single letter (6.7%, vs 4.3% on average).

Who likes to go with the Flow? India has the highest percentage of users with SwiftKey Flow turned on at 84% (vs 74% overall). Polish users flow nearly a third of their text (as opposed to tapping it or choosing predictions), 31% compared to a worldwide average of 24%. And Canadians flow the longest distance, at 6.4m/day (vs 5.1m overall).

What about themes? Users in Mexico, as well as doing the most typing, are also most likely to change theme, with 73% choosing one other than the default ‘Cobalt’. Norwegians are the opposite – 60% stay with Cobalt. Overall 53% of users change theme and 47% stick with the default. What theme have you chosen? If you use Cobalt is it because you think it’s the most beautiful theme, or have you not looked at the others?

Users in Indonesia are the most colorful – they are the top users for the Neon theme (24% vs 13% overall) and also for Pumpkin (12% vs 6.0%), Dark (11% vs 4.4% overall), and Berry (8.0% vs 3.5%)

Russian users are the biggest fans of Holo (18% vs 14%), modeled on the Android design guidelines and voted for by our VIPs. Folks in Vietnam like Light (11% vs 5.4%), users in Turkey are most likely to want to turn their keyboard Sky blue (9.1% vs 4.2%), and Irish SwiftKey users are the biggest fans of the pink theme Fuchsia (5.8% vs 2.4%).

Greek SwiftKey users have two distinctions – they are the most likely to have two or more languages enabled (60% vs 21% overall) and also the sloppiest typists – SwiftKey corrects 10% of all characters typed by users in Greece, compared to 8% overall. The country with the most tri-lingual users is Switzerland, where 14% of users have three languages enabled (vs 4.3% overall) – not surprising given its proximity to France, Germany and Italy.

And finally, users in Vietnam are most likely to hit the “share” button on their stats. Why not join them and share your stats with us?

Looking forward to seeing your stats,

PS You may want to ask: how do we know this? SwiftKey periodically sends us statistics, like those on your stats page, in order to help us to understand how people use SwiftKey and how we can make it better. This is totally anonymous and does not include any information on what you have been typing. SwiftKey users’ privacy is very important to us and you can read our privacy policy in full here.

4 responses to “The world according to SwiftKey”

  1. IncCo says:

    cobalt is the best looking theme..

  2. Nicolas Jeker says:

    yes, the first time I see Switzerland mentioned on such stats!

  3. Dan Carwright says:

    I love this app i wont use any other! Period

  4. Gerhard Hartmann says:

    Could you add the possibility to use the swiftkey keyboard for the input in our on a pc like airdroid via wlan.?

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