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Themes for days: SIX new theme packs hit the SwiftKey Store

12th November 2015

Hi everyone,

SwiftKey 6 has officially left beta and hit Google Play this morning – and brought with it 34 new themes to the SwiftKey Store! You can grab each of these themes individually or scoop them up in any of the six new packs we have, including our very first Megapack. We’ve also got two free themes for you: Carbon Light, our new default theme, and Minimal Dark White!


Now on to themes! By popular demand, we now offer three new Minimal packs – Minimal Dark, Minimal Bright and Minimal Light. At $2.99 each, these packs include 6 themes.

Minimal DarkThis pack features a dark grey background with a minimalist white font, punctuated by Blue, Green, Red, Pink, Teal and Yellow (below).


Minimal BrightSimilar to the Minimal Dark pack, the Minimal Bright themes are inspired by the Carbon Light design, only in this case the prediction bar atop the keyboard features bold colors, complemented by coordinating background shades. Themes include: Dark Blue (below), Blue Grey, Cyan, Red & Orange, Blue & Pink, and Blue & White.

Check the rest in the SwiftKey Store!

SwiftKey Visual Design Lead, Joe Woodward, told us more about designing the Minimal Bright pack:

“I used color combinations from Google’s Material Design color palette. It’s all about using bold color and bright highlights to create something unexpected and vibrant. We’re also using a new icon set with this pack – I redesigned the icons to have a more consistent look, using the same line weight. They’re a higher resolution, making them appear more crisp and less blurry.”

Minimal LightThis theme pack is characterized by a pale grey background, and similar to the Minimal Dark pack, includes highlights of Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Red (below) and Teal.


Our Gemstone pack comes with six beautiful jewel-toned themes that will dress up your keyboard as the holiday season hits. Grab this one for $2.99! Themes include: Aquamarine, Amethyst, Magnetite, Rutilated Quartz, Lapis Lazuli (below) and Conch Pearl.


Yuka, a member of our Community Support team who moonlights as an incredible designer, designed the first prototype of the Gemstone pack during our latest Innovation Week – a time where everyone is encouraged to explore projects outside of their normal everyday work. She said about the pack, “Each theme’s colors are based on a gem’s name with a Material Design influence. I really like that each gemstone comes with its own meaning, and tried to let that show in the overall design of each theme!”

We’ve got 8 themes in our new Carbon Pack, which you can download and style your keyboard with for $2.99. These themes are styled after the original Carbon default theme, introduced earlier this year, only these feature highlights of Dark Green, Dark Pink (below), Dark Red, Dark Yellow, Light Green, Light Orange, Light Pink, and Light Red


And how about that Megapack we mentioned? For the first time ever, we’re rolling all of our awesome Minimal themes into one massive pack – aptly named the Minimal Megapack, giving you 23 themes for the price of $5.99. You’ll get all of the above Minimal themes as well as our existing Minimal pack!

Which themes are you itching to get your hands on? Update SwiftKey for Android now and head to the SwiftKey Store to see all of the themes!

Can’t wait to see what you choose – share screenshots of your favorites on Twitter!

The SwiftKey Team