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Our favorite three little words

14th February 2014

As it’s Valentine’s Day, we thought we’d share a fun little fact with you because in our opinion, nothing says romance more than a little data science!

We looked into our vaults for you and discovered the most commonly used three word sentence in the English language is…”I love you.”

Here at SwiftKey, analyzing data is what we do. Our original algorithm was created after scraping billions of word combinations from the web (with a little help from CERN’s Large Hadron Collider but that’s another story), and we constantly work to improve and tweak it. As a result, we’re full of fun trivia about the way language is used.

SwiftKey I love you

Turns out we’re a less cynical bunch than we probably assume. The single most commonly used one word sentence in English is “thanks” and the most popular two word phrase is “thank you”. Who knew we were all so darn polite?

What does SwiftKey predict for you personally after you type “I love you” into the keyboard? Share it on Twitter with the hashtag #swiftkeylove

PS No individual’s data was harmed in the making of this research – you can read our data security policy on the website.

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