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Three new themes – and a sale to celebrate!

15th May 2013

When we ask you what you want, there’s one request we hear above all the others. THEMES!

So today, to give you more choice and respond to your feedback, we’re rolling out a new update, SwiftKey 4.1. It includes three more brilliant themes and a host of bug fixes. What’s more, we’re having a half-price sale to celebrate! For a limited time only, SwiftKey and SwiftKey Tablet will be just $1.99/£1.49/€1.99 – if your friends and family have not downloaded SwiftKey yet, now is a great time to share this with them.

When you update your app, you’ll find these brilliant new themes. First, there’s Dusk, a rich, deep blue accompanied by a bright yellow Flow trail. Then Regal, a striking purple accompanied by a contrasting yellow Flow. Both of these have distinctive rounded corners to the central candidates – a modern, fresh twist on our usual key design.

Then last but not least, there’s Pitch. Black, with minimalist white edging, we believe Pitch will have extra appeal for AMOLED phone users. With fewer pixels turned on, these users may find this helps preserve battery power for longer. We know this matters to you – in our 2012 survey, 96% of respondents said battery life was either essential or quite important. Pitch comes with a bright pink Flow trail for contrast.

Here’s a list of the bug fixes also included in SwiftKey 4.1:

  • Fixed some issues with Facebook personalization
  • Fixed problem reaching ? on punctuation slider
  • Fixed crash when rotating screen in Settings
  • Improved functionality with Opera
  • Improved backspace in password fields and with smileys
  • Fixed crash when pressing empty predictions
  • Fixed issue with .com key in Chrome URL bar

We learn what needs work from your invaluable feedback so thank you to all our users who contribute their ideas and suggestions on our feedback forums. Users reporting bugs on our bugs forum help us to identify the issues that are affecting the most people, and to track them down quickly and efficiently.

Here at SwiftKey we hope you like this latest update, but we know there are more colors, more features, more languages, more innovations that you’re eager to get your hands on – there are some fantastic developments coming up, watch this space!



21 responses to “Three new themes – and a sale to celebrate!”

  1. Rob says:

    I wonder if they’ve fixed the delays I’ve experienced with basic keyboard functioning. I don’t see any mention of this in the bug fixes. There’s a possibility that the issues are with my ROM (CM 10.1) or the device (GNexus). I switched to TouchPal when these issues became too frequent, but I did love my SwiftKey before all of this.

  2. It’d be great if you could sync your dictionary of learned words between devices. This is one feature of Swype that attracts me (although they have bugs in that feature). Being able to manually edit your dictionary would be nice too.

  3. harikrisshnan says:

    Would be good to if SwiftKey can learn from other popular apps as well including – WhatsApp, Google Maps etc.

  4. Steve says:

    Is the app compatible with the Galaxy S4? Thanks.

  5. Ikmal says:

    please make another great theme again in the future. orange, pink, or pastel maybe? 😀

  6. When should Amazon AppStore receive the update? Looks like they’re always last to get it.

  7. Regol says:

    I’m still waiting for a red theme that doesn’t look like it wants to burn my eyes =(

  8. Kyle Tunis says:

    What this really needs – the icing on the cake – is a true black and white theme. I got excited with pitch until I saw the purple swipe animation… Please Swiftkey make this happen.

  9. Michal Vilda says:

    We didnt want THEMES, we wanted to be able to turn off DIACRITICS!

  10. Sarah @ Art of Wellness says:

    Any possibility of getting emoji?

  11. nitrojill says:

    U guys r doing a great job of fixing the issues we tell u abt! Sure ur not going to
    make everyone happy but what the hell, ur doing a great job in my book!!

  12. Dr Anurag Mayur Gunderia says:

    Great pitch theme. Looks fantastic on my note 2. And I love the hidden tilt feature though it’s not very useful. But there are a few bugs that need fixing. When I went to type this comment on uc browser, on pressing the space button the word would be typed twice on the screen. Had to change over to chrome to type this. This does not happen with chrome without changing any of the settings. Also please please add shorthand / autotext. It will really be useful. Handwriting recognition would also be a huge boon so I don’t have to change to samsung keyboard.

  13. William Geisweit says:

    Is there a chance that there is a
    sepia-ish tone theme in the making? That would be beautiful. Statistic backup would be sweet too. Thanks great stuff.

  14. Charley Birkner says:

    Please fix autospace (let us power typists turn it OFF). It’s so annoying when typing web addresses and usernames. Please please. I’d trade EVERY theme for a fix. 🙂

  15. Jeff Martinez says:

    Please allow an option to disable the “. Com” button when typing in the URL bar

  16. Eddie says:

    I would love to see pitch theme with inverse colors. Fully white with black shadows.. amazing app btw..

  17. Guest says:


    Keep them coming!



    Keep them coming please!

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