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What food emoji does America use most often? (Thanksgiving edition)

23rd November 2015

You might remember our US of Emoji report, in which we analyzed billions of emoji data points to determine the most used emoji in the United States overall, which emoji each US state uses more than others, and tons of other fun facts. The results were so interesting that we decided to dig a little deeper. This time, with Thanksgiving feasts and general holiday gluttony rapidly approaching, we took a closer look at the most mouth-watering emoji: food!

These are the top 10 food-related emoji used in the US, by volume:

  1. Pizza-Emoji pizza
  2. CupofCoffee-Emoji coffee/hot beverage
  3. PoultryLeg-Emoji poultry leg
  4. Cherries-Emoji cherries
  5. SliceofCake-Emoji slice of cake
  6. Emoji-Hamburger hamburger
  7. Doughnut-Emoji doughnut
  8. IceCreamCone-Emoji ice cream cone
  9. Strawberry-Emoji strawberry
  10. Lollipop-Emoji lollipop

Americans and junk food: a match made in heaven! The top ten list is made up of lots of junk food and zero vegetables. Maybe the tide will change with New Year’s resolutions? We were surprised that coffee was #2 on the list in light of the fact that, according to The Atlantic, Americans aren’t even in the Top 15 of coffee consumers in the world! Then again, Pumpkin Spice Latte season is upon us.

As for top food emoji that each state uses more than average? Those results were also pretty unsurprising:

Washington: a cup of coffee CupofCoffee-Emoji (birthplace of Starbucks, anyone?)
Hawaii: a pineapple Emoji-Pineapple
Iowa: ear of corn EarofCorn-Emoji
Missouri: honeypot PotofHoney-Emoji (their state insect is the honeybee!)

Other states, however, require a bit more insight. For example, we might have expected Florida’s top food to be an Orange-Emoji , but it’s actually a piece of candy Candy-Emoji. Wisconsin’s most distinctive food is the loaf of bread Bread-Emoji … but we imagine that’s only since the cheese emoji is a very recent addition! And why is Georgia’s cherries Cherries-Emoji and not the peach Peach-Emoji? Check out our map of how each state is using emoji:


And with Thanksgiving so close, how could we NOT figure out which states are the most – and least! – festive for fall and Thanksgiving in their usage of emoji? We looked at which states are using these emoji the most: RedLeaf-EmojiGreenLeaves-EmojiFallingLeaves-EmojiEarofCorn-EmojiPoultryLeg-EmojiSweetPotato-Emoji and of course Football-Emoji

Biggest users of Thanksgiving-related emoji:

Thanksgiving States

While these results may be skewed by states known for their fall foliage, we tip our hat to these festive folks. And the states who might need to step their game up?

Smallest use of Thanksgiving-related emoji:

  1. Montana
  2. Wyoming
  3. Vermont
  4. North Dakota/South Dakota
  5. DC

What’s your favorite food emoji? Tell us on Twitter!

For more info on Emoji Insights – like how to find out which emoji YOU use more than other people – check out the blog and dig further into the data with our interactive map.

Olivia and the SwiftKey Team