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Top 10 strangest things we learned about emoji in 2015

21st December 2015

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: 2015 was the year of the emoji. So, with 2016 rapidly approaching, it seems like a good time to look back on all the strange and wonderful things we learned about – and from – emoji in 2015 (in no particular order):

    1. Domino’s Pizza, among others, rolled out the ability to order food with emoji. Feeling lazy and needing a personal pizza? Just tweet the pizza emoji Pizza-Emojiand wait on the couch for your feast.
    1. Even if it was the year of the emoji, that doesn’t mean it always worked out – as presidential candidate Hillary Clinton can attest. When she asked millennials to share their feelings on student debt with three emoji or less, they were not quite impressed with her attempts to connect.
    1. The internet came together to rewrite literary classics, translating Moby Dick entirely into emoji. Scoop up ‘Emoji Dick’ for some light holiday reading!
    1. In SwiftKey’s analysis of 15 languages around the world and a billion pieces of emoji data, we learned that Canadians score highest for the poop emoji than any other country/region. Anyone want to tell us what that’s “aboot”?  
    1. Pennsylvania proved itself to the raunchiest US state, while West Virginia came in last – you can dig into all the details in the US Emoji Report Peach-EmojiCherries-Emoji
    1. Adopt a star, adopt a pet, adopt an…emoji? The Unicode Consortium (SwiftKey became an associate member this year!) debuted the ability to sponsor an emoji – and in turn, help to preserve an endangered language.
    1. Delaware proved itself to be the most festive US state when it came to Thanksgiving emoji FallingLeaves-EmojiGreenLeaves-EmojiRedLeaf-Emoji
    1. Dove unveiled curly hair emoji for those of us who don’t see ourselves in the straight haired emoji!  
    1. Yahoo!’s recent post begged the question “Are we really this lazy?” with the news that you can now order room service at the tech-savvy Aloft Hotels using only emoji. The collective response seems to be a resounding – and unashamed – “yes”.
  1. As if we hadn’t heard enough of her this year, Kim Kardashian went one step further and ‘broke the internet’ again,  as well as the Apple app store apparently – this time with her own butt emoji, part of her new Kimoji range. We kid you not…


What was your favorite emoji story from 2015? Or your favorite emoji to use? Tell us all about it on Twitter!

For more proof 2015 was the year of the emoji, head to Mashable!

The SwiftKey Team