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Top 10 tech predictions for the future

2nd January 2014

As we begin 2014, we thought it was a great time to think about what this new year of innovation in technology will bring us. So, we fielded a survey of over 20,000 smartphone users to get their take on what they’re most excited about for the future. And while we’re not sure that everyone’s wishes will be granted (one respondent wrote, “Doing things like it was in the movies. Floating cars and robots.”), we are definitely excited about some of these as well. Without further ado, let’s dig in:

1. Wearable technology

In the SwiftKey survey, we kept finding over and over that smartphone users are thrilled about the possibilities in wearables in 2014. One respondent wrote: “Devices which are wearable, always on and are continuously learning about the owner.”

2. Integration with all devices

One individual described their excitement at the prospect of “Better integration into the day-to-day life of everyone, not just the rich.”

3. Smarter Cars

While “self-driving cars” was written by numerous survey respondents, we also saw quite a few people excited about the prospects of “smart displays” for vehicles.

SwiftKey AI

4. Smarter Screens

Many of those we surveyed wrote about the many possible innovations for screens in the years to come. One that we would be particularly interested to see? “Folding or roll up screens”.

5. Voice Recognition

Some want a superhuman version of Siri – a big chunk of survey respondents are interested in “better”, or even “perfect” voice recognition.

6. Artificial/adaptive Intelligence

“I am looking forward to seeing Artificial Intelligence in every technology we use. I want to see our devices learn from us and automatically do various tasks for us,” we were told by one survey respondent.

7. Holograms

“I’m looking forward to seeing holograms used in everyday phones and tablets. That would be awesome!” Several others also described wanting to see hologram messages and calls in the future.

8. Better batteries

Frustrating battery life was cited as one of the biggest problems smartphone users have with their technology right now. Not surprisingly, references to “Innovations and improvement in battery life” were peppered throughout the survey.

9. Need for Speed

We’re not sure we’ll ever stop wanting to receive and send data faster, faster, faster – but this was one of the recurring themes in the survey responses. As respondents said, “Increase in speed and efficiency,” “faster data speeds on my phone,” and “more power and speed”.

10. Control

It’s the era of the consumer being in charge – and it showed in our survey results. Respondents very clearly want more control: “increasing control over my personal data” and “mind controlled computers and devices” were two notable quotes we pulled out.

It seemed fitting to end on that note – one big conclusion we saw from poring over this survey data (thank you, thank you to all of our participants and to Mobile Nations who supported our survey!) is how much smartphone users want autonomy in the relationship they have with their devices. They want it to be personal and intuitive and uniquely theirs. We can certainly identify with this desire, and can’t wait to show you guys what we’ve got coming in 2014.

What tech innovations are you most excited for this year?


The SwiftKey Team

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5 responses to “Top 10 tech predictions for the future”

  1. DriftingAnomaly says:

    I would really like it if technology would quit making it harder for me to enter grammatically correct sentences.

  2. cvb941 says:

    Skin store for swiftkey?

    • Techchick says:

      A skin store for SwiftKey is what I have been patiently waiting for for quite some time now. Come on people! There are so many different colors and ideas that you could be letting us enjoy. Although I love SwiftKey and even swear by it, I do have to say I’m getting a little bored with the small selection of themes. Entertain me please.

  3. mesmorino says:

    I find it hard to believe that nobody, not one person, mentioned better battery life. I for one would appreciate cellphones that lasted more than two days on a single charge, and laptops that last more than a few hours.

    In the year of our lord 2013, laptops were still being advertised with “up to 6hrs battery life!” as if that was a particularly long time.

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