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A trick and a treat? Spooky SwiftKey engineer leaves clues in code for users to solve

19th October 2017

Hi everyone, 

Today we’ve got something a little different for you – something a little spookier…  

As legend has it, many full moons ago, a ghostly engineer with a penchant for haunting SwiftKey towers and playing ghoulish tricks fiddled with the code. Left behind is a trail of clues leading to his most mischievous surprise yet, for those brave and wise enough to figure out his ploy.  

Only those of you who are able to crack his riddle will find what’s hidden in plain sight. For those looking for an extra boost, here’s a trick: look to our TwitterInstagram and Facebook where you just might find the clue you need. We do have one helpful hint to you ambitious users striking out on the hunt: make sure Emoji Prediction is enabled and turn your volume up – you don’t want to miss a thing!  

We can’t wait to hear when you solve it, so let us know on Twitter 


The Spooky SwiftKey Team