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Unicode announces 79 new emoji candidates that may be coming to your phone

28th April 2016

In case you missed it, Unicode has put out a list of 79 new emoji candidates that are being considered for release in what may be June.

NOW: before you get too excited, remember that these are being considered – meaning, it’s entirely possible that they will not make it to a screen near you in June or ever. But in the spirit of getting just a little bit ahead of ourselves and daydreaming about all things emoji, we thought we’d take a look at a handful of some of the new *potential* emoji we’d be most excited about:

New Emoji-DroolThe perfect emoji to comment on Tasty Buzzfeed videos, caption a picture of your own latest culinary creation, or text to your friend when you just woke up from a nap and don’t know what day it is. 

New Emoji-ChampagneClinkSays “I like to party, but I’m also super classy.” Switch up those clinking beer mugs with… clinking champagne glasses instead

New Emoji-FingersCrossedAs in, “fingers crossed” that all of these emoji make it to our phones soon.  

New Emoji-ShrugWe’re not saying this is the best emoji to send to your boss when they’re wondering where that presentation file is… but we’re not saying it’s not. 

New Emoji-WhiskeyTumblerThis would’ve been a lot more effective when Don Draper was still having regular liquid lunches on TV, but stilla solid addition to the emoji panel. 

New Emoji-BlackHeartNo, this is not a black heart because your phone is on a different operating system than your friend‘s phone (don’t know what that means? Emoji for Dummies guide here!). This means you can text your friends on Sunday nights after Game of Thrones without having to actually say anything.

You can find a full list of the candidates here. Which would you be most thrilled to see on your phone this summer? Let us know on Twitter!

The SwiftKey Team