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Untap your potential with SwiftKey ‘Flow Hard’

1st April 2014

UPDATE –  It’s real! Scroll down to find out more.

Hi everyone,

We just wanted to take a moment to clarify the situation surrounding a rumor that has been circulating in the press — that we are bringing our SwiftKey Flow gesture-input technology to physical desktop/laptop keyboards. Today, we’re excited to confirm that this is true and we’re calling it “Flow Hard”.

It’s our answer to the problem of seamless typing on a desktop keyboard. Using Flow Hard, you can simply slide your finger from key to key to type out words, enjoying whole new levels of speed and productivity.

Watch our ‘Flow Hard’ video here:

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Flow Hard is built upon the same AI prediction engine that powers our global best-selling SwiftKey Keyboard app. We’ve spent years looking at how to apply the same powerful technology to the ergonomic challenges of a full-size hard keyboard. Finally, we think we’ve nailed it.

Flow Hard offers unparalleled autocorrect and real-time prediction, so you can say goodbye to those embarrassing typos at work. We’ve even incorporated SwiftKey’s famous ‘Flow Through Space’ functionality, so that you can type multiple words without lifting a finger – just drag your finger down to the space bar between words.

Try it here:

Sure, it might hurt from time to time or even give you blisters, but with Flow Hard, even the most error-ridden sentences can be deciphered and corrected. Our internal tests show that with Flow Hard you can be up to 257% more efficient than through regular typing – so what are you waiting for?


The SwiftKey Team

57 responses to “Untap your potential with SwiftKey ‘Flow Hard’”

  1. Michael Hell says:

    Tried it at work. Earned jealous looks!

  2. Jeffrey Heesch says:

    Okay, I can’t believe this thing actually works.

  3. Richard Harper says:

    Not as good as last year. Nice try though.

  4. Eric Davies says:

    Works like a charm on my laptop. This could actually be a reasonable input method for people with only one usable hand/finger.

  5. Tony says:

    How about for Surface Pro Windows tablets?

  6. radixe says:

    cfgvhjkl;kjh, hsdfghjkhgfghn dfghjkhg. I’m quite sure the mispelled words are my keyboard’s fault, going to get a new one! So awesome.

  7. John Ireson says:

    Brilliant, just used it on the test area and the accuracy of my spelling has gone up 256%……..

  8. Alan Maris says:

    Idea is a bit ahead of its time. many of us still use old click clack keyboards. Nice try though.

  9. Michael Lee Bowie says:

    It could *almost* actually work. Might actually be good for compact keyboards that are touch, not mechanical.

  10. Clint O says:

    Ha ha April Fools lol

  11. Mark Keating says:

    Nice one 🙂 Love the trial as well. A well played Fool’s joke. Didn’t work for expletives but I did manage to summon Cthulu.

  12. maniel says:

    yeah, it’s good for laptops, but it wouldn’t work good with big key mechanical keyboards;-)

  13. Dimitris Damianidis says:

    its not bad !!! this could become real

  14. Steffen Zen says:

    this is a nice joke, but… with a senseable Keyboard like a touch it would be a nice input-device, just swift on your Laptop or Keyboard…

    So who wants to invent a normal size-“Touch Keyboard” who works with SwiftKey logic?

  15. Victor Dela Rosa says:

    Tried this with this bad boy:

    The name says “touch”, but well, my finger just died a little 🙁

  16. ClintJCL says:

    yea right. this would suck on a split/ergonomic keyboard, which really is the only keyboard anyone sould ever use.

  17. brandon says:

    i want this keyboard full time

  18. andythecurefan says:

    Pretty nifty that even thought this is an April Fool’s Day Joke, it actually works.

  19. abqnm says:

    Aside from being really loud, this works great on my IBM M series keyboard. I was surprised how well it works on a mechanical keyboard from the 80’s.

  20. Tyler Mitton says:

    Ah hah! Found your extension… brilliant!

  21. Brandon D Painter says:

    ertyuiop[]’;.,m bvgtresdxc cxdswaqwertyhun ,lo98u7ytgfvc …. yup… doesnt work

  22. onx says:

    April fools… I love april fools 😀

  23. Lapidusss says:

    Great joke! However a writing predictive system for pc would be great!

  24. This is tailor-made for my Kinesis!

  25. Neurons To Nirvana says:

    i think we can type faster with our older methods. Still hats off to this brilliant idea, maybe touch screen laptops can profit from this, if it can be installed as a Application

  26. Rob says:

    No support for Dvorak layout? 1/10.

  27. John Hopper says:

    Holy sh*t. It actually works. Nice!

  28. Bradkal says:

    iuytdfgyuioiuytresdfgbnhtwertyuioiuytretyujkokjnthgfrecvghjiolkmnbgfrerfgbnhtsdrtytrdsdrtrerfghnmthjkoiuygh ;-;

    (Doesn’t work on the comment system though)

  29. Shawno Goobarstang says:

    I see a lot of keyboard being destroyed hahahah

  30. Šimon Demočko says:

    Well I actually thought it would be what I was looking for – swiftkey actually going for pcs with it’s great prediction and typos correction functionality… then I saw the sado-masochism going on with the finger and nope – damn

  31. an0nim0 says:

    “…up to 257% more efficient….”

    And ~1337% more workers’ comp claims.

  32. Pankaj Mehta says:

    How can i lean it and do we required special keyboard or it can be on normal keyboard ?
    Kindly help me because i am working as a clerk and need to type very much so it can be very helpful for me.

  33. Santiago says:

    hahahahahhahah fuck it works! :O hhahah

  34. fuk ju says:


  35. Papabear says:

    Get into the keyboard business now.

  36. kclo3 says:

    Pretty bad to use for QWERTY layout, but Dvorak on the other hand…

  37. Chad Kouse says:

    no colemak support.. #epicfail 😀

  38. Daniel Jutz says:

    could there be a “swift key hard” version for qwertz keyboard layouts? This is a serious question, and I know that it is a april fools joke…

  39. rshewmaker says:

    F@#$! I just broke another nail. Who do I submit a claim to? Swiftkey, Microsoft, or Dell?

  40. wardrich says:

    Definitely works better with a laptop keyboard/low-profile keys. haha.

  41. Capital Stars says:

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  42. Guest says:

    Swiftkey is great, but Flow is usually a waste of time. Any gains in speed are compromised by all the time it takes to fix all the errors it makes.

  43. josemsanchez74b says:

    I want Swiftkey Flow Hard in all my Windwos 8.1! And in Spanish please! 🙂

  44. B_Turbo says:

    oijh mjhuy ghjkioiuygfd… Y mean, OH MY GOD…
    It’s a little bit crazy, but I could get it. It doesn’t interfere in my normal typing style, and it’s useful to laugh with the other nerd guy in the office

  45. Staples733 says:

    This is kind of pointless for me. However: the power of Swiftkey predictions would help me a ton! Type a word half and hit space to auto-complete like the mobile keyboard.

  46. i reckon im going to break my keyboard

  47. IA GH says:

    swiftkey for PC NOW!!

  48. 陈海林 says:

    up to 257% more efficient

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