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What do my SwiftKey stats mean?

5th April 2013

In SwiftKey 4 we’ve added some new and exciting numbers to your stats page, so we thought we’d have a look at what all these impressive-looking numbers really mean. You can find your stats by going to SwiftKey settings (press and hold the bottom-left (123) key and tap “Settings”) and choosing “SwiftKey stats”.

Efficiency is a measure of how much less you have had to tap your screen because of SwiftKey. The average efficiency on SwiftKey 4 is 34%, which means that for every 100 characters typed users only tap the screen 66 times.

Distance Flowed is pretty self-explanatory, it tells you how far you have flowed on your screen. I’ve flowed over 1 kilometer – a mile is 1,600m.

Keystrokes saved is the number of keystrokes that SwiftKey has saved you when you are tapping. If you type “I am a beautiful person” just by choosing predictions then you have tapped the screen 5 times, entered 24 characters (including spaces) and saved 19 characters.

Typos corrected counts how many characters SwiftKey has changed for you. If you typed “Frrdsu” and it corrected to “Friday” then the R, the S, and the U have been changed, so that’s three typos corrected. If you miss a letter (or miss a space) and it gets inserted, that counts as one typo corrected. If you type an extra character and it gets removed, that also counts.

Words Flowed is a count of how many words you’ve entered using SwiftKey Flow. You can see from my stats that a lot of my typing is actually flowing.

Words predicted shows how many words you have written without typing a single character, either by choosing the prediction or (if your spacebar is set to “always insert a prediction”) by tapping the spacebar to enter the next word.

Words completed or corrected counts the number of times that SwiftKey has inserted a prediction after you have typed one or more letters (or if you typed the whole word, but SwiftKey corrected it for you). This can happen by you choosing a word from the prediction bar or by tapping the spacebar.

Words Tilted shows the number of words entered by the “pinball” of SwiftKey Tilt.

What do your stats say about you? Are you an efficient prediction-chooser, a super-speedy two-thumbed typist who relies on corrections, or do you go with the Flow? We’d love to hear about your stats in the comments.


9 responses to “What do my SwiftKey stats mean?”

  1. mesmorino says:

    I’m 35% more efficient, flowed 642m, saved 41352 keystrokes, corrected 8421 typos, flowed 10069 words, predicted 708, completed 5276, and tilted ten words

  2. Silver Fang says:

    You neglected the most fascinating feature: the typing heat map! According to hit, I type O oftener than any other letter.

  3. Alicia B says:

    Best app on my Galaxy Note.. This is my flow..

  4. ForTheSakeOfHumanity says:

    A great app! Very helpful. I checked out the stats – love the keyboard heatmap! 🙂

  5. Yod'ah says:

    I’m 39% more efficient, above average o/
    Not much a flower, only 107,24m.
    479660 keystrokes saved (by the way, your French translation is wrong, should be “Touches économisées”, not “enregistrées”)
    198230 typos corrected
    1238 Flowed words
    22698 predicted words
    83925 completed words
    And…. 96 Tilted words (fun but it never ended up in sentences making sense)

  6. chanman says:

    I only get 2% efficient savings lol. I guess that means I’m already a killer typist or I’m doing it wrong xD

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