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What if SwiftKey wrote your dating profile?

28th January 2016

Between catfishing and the many, many dating apps these days, we can all agree finding a mate is hard. So with some inspiration from @TechnicallyRon and his use of Google to autocomplete a dating profile, we decided to use SwiftKey to take the guesswork out of writing the *perfect* one for us.

We started with Ron’s original prompts, made a few tweaks, then passed our questionnaire around the office. Below are some of our favorite responses collected from fellow SwiftKey employees.

If you’d like to see how SwiftKey would complete your dating profile, head to THIS FORM. Using SwiftKey, type out each prompt first and then complete your answers using only SwiftKey’s word predictions (ANY of the top three count!).  

Note: This will work best if you’ve used SwiftKey for a while and allowed it to learn from you, and/or you’ve signed into SwiftKey Account to personalize your predictions (more info here).

Without further ado, here are snippets from the latest dating profiles of SwiftKey’s finest:

I live…

“I live in an Android phone” (not too far from the truth, really)

“I live near the bottom of the screen”  

“I live in Belgium and probably won’t be able to make a difference” (not the most optimistic)

I was born…

“I was born in the pub” (believe it or not, more than one person’s profile included this)

“I was born in the UK hey”

“I was born in the future”

My body is…

“My body is a bit too logistically difficult with public transport”

“My body is a bit mental”

“My body is a bit of a joke” (awww.)

“My body is a bit heavier than the existing microphone on your new phone” (?)

You should…

“You should creep on this dood” (playing it cool)

“You should probably be the first to know that I could maybe sit down with you.” (don’t take things too quickly!) 

“You should receive a free trial of my life”

I enjoy…

“I enjoy the mince pies and the wine” (who doesn’t?) 

“I enjoy the benefits of using a search engine” (as do we)

I like…

“I like the idea of a marriage” (insert heart eyes emoji)

“I like my instant pasta with you”

“I like the vase and flowers and gifts” (hint, hint) 

I want to date a guy/girl who…

“I want to date a girl who was the first one to the pub”

“I want to date a girl who is the best price” (erm.. yikes)

“I want to date a girl who inherited the elder wand after Dumbledore” (yes, basically all SwiftKey employees are Harry Potter nerds) 

“I want to date a girl who has a nice sweater ?”

I’m turned on by…

“I’m turned on by you looking for a job in the morning.” (we’d love the story behind this one)

“I’m turned on by the way I can see the unnecessary diversion”

“I’m turned on by the way to work” (truly the only person to be turned on by a commute) 

I’m turned off by…

“I’m turned off by you looking for a drink”

“I’m turned off by going through a tough time right now and I’d like to reschedule” (totally reasonable.)

“I’m turned off by you looking for the delay in getting back to the pub”


What do you think – any shot at a first date here? For extra fun, screenshot your answers and share them with @SwiftKey on your social channel of choice – Twitter, Facebook & Instagram!

The SwiftKey Team