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What it means to be a SwiftKey VIP

29th April 2014

Since the launch of SwiftKey Keyboard back in 2010, we have built a fantastic community made up of people all over the world who enjoy using SwiftKey and talking to us by leaving feedback or just dropping in to say hi. We appreciate all of your responses and beyond our dedication to delivering a stellar product, we want to show you, our community, some love in return (more on this towards the end).

If you didn’t already know, we have a VIP community forum for Android and iOS that is made up of more than 113,000 people who help provide valuable information back to the team and to others. While we love when the community provides feedback and help to us, what really stands out is when people go above and beyond and participate in other discussions and help the other community members with any issues they might be having.

Perks of being a VIP

Beta Program (iOS and Android)

One of the highlights of being part of the VIP is participating in the beta program. We like to see this as a win – win situation. For those experimental people who like to test out shiny new features, they get a chance to do so while we also collect valuable feedback on these features. The VIP forum is the first place new betas are posted so members are the first to know.

Product Discussions

Be part of product discussions with other like-minded SwiftKey users. Since we have now officially launched our iOS app, you can participate in both Android and iOS related product discussions, talk to other VIP members about things you’d like to see in the future of SwiftKey and the unique ways you like to use SwiftKey. The topics are endless and entirely up to your creative minds.

Open Discussion

While the VIP forums is focused around SwiftKey, we don’t want to put any barriers to the things the community can talk about. So, there is a forum that is for non-SwiftKey related discussions. This is where the community can talk about whatever is on their mind, but we want to keep it tasteful and non-offensive.


Last year we started a Meet the VIPs blog series, giving a shout out to members of the community who go above and beyond. Previous examples include: Driftinganomaly, GS88, and Eezeepee. These individuals get an opportunity to share the apps they enjoy and a bit about themselves. They also get sent some exclusive SwiftKey swag. More on this below…


We occasionally have prize draws, contests and competitions for fun – from t-shirts to the opportunity to win a smartphone now and again. Keep an eye out for relevant posts in the forum!

What it means to be a SwiftKey VIP

We have already talked about a few of the perks of being a VIP, but we want to talk a little bit more about what makes a VIP stand out.

Being helpful to others

Being helpful can go a long way. This doesn’t mean just reporting bugs or feedback, but also helping others with their questions or concerns.

Posting great feedback

When we release betas, we count on the community to help us find bugs, report them so we can squash them and make all SwiftKey products better for all of our users.

Being active

We know having the newest beta is fun, but what also stands out is when they are active in other discussions that are not SwiftKey related.

Having integrity

The VIP forums are public and will attract people from different cultures and talents. We expect everyone to be nice to others and treat them as you would like to be treated; after all, you are all part of the same awesome VIP group.

We take into account all of these aspects and we notice when people practice these actions. Not only does it help us, but it also helps the VIPs build relationships with each other and grows a stronger SwiftKey community and presence – which is why we’re happy to announce our VIP spotlight as a regular blog installment.

Once a month, we will start to spotlight a VIP member that demonstrates all the above characteristics on a regular basis on our blog – we want to move from infrequent posts to making this a regular feature. As we already have a great Android community that is still growing, we are looking to help build our iOS community, and this is a perfect time to start being part of something cool!

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  1. Ben Medlock says:

    Go Ryan 🙂

  2. Parth Garg says:

    I m nt that active on forums.. But i Always wanted to work for company like this..

    M going to graduate by my engineering next month.. Can i apply? & Where?

  3. Parth Garg says:

    Also, swiftkey should make a strong focus on Hinglish Language… Because its the only keyboard at present with this language.. And this is nt known by many.. Add this in your Prime features..

  4. Michael Lightbody Sr says:

    I like it

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