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Which emoji does your language use more than others?

22nd April 2015

Yesterday we debuted our first Emoji Report, which analyzed over one billion pieces of data about how emoji are used in multiple countries/regions around the world. We thought we’d drill down into a bit more detail in the different categories and see exactly which emoji each language in the study uses more than any other language.EmojiMap-MostUsed2

So what’d we find? Well, if you’ve been reading some of the articles about the emoji report going around the interwebs – by Bustle and The Atlantic, for example – you already know that those speaking Canadian English can’t get enough of that smiling poop emoji (any Canadians care to explain this one?).

But did you know that German typists love to use the “see-no-evil” monkey, while UK English typers prefer throwing a cheeky wink? Malaysians use the thumbs up emoji more than anyone else, while Latin American Spanish speakers seem to be nursing a broken heart more often than not.

Check out the rest below – from fist-bumping Vietnamese typers to Spain Spanish speakers waving hasta luego.

What do you make of these results? Does it ring true with the country/region you’re from? We want to hear what you think – let us know on Twitter!

Stay tuned for the least used emoji by each language later this week!

Nicky and the Comms Team

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