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Why I became an iOS developer

14th April 2014

Maxim Cramer has just been named one of the 25 Under 25 women in tech by CodeFirst:Girls, an initiative by Entrepreneur First to “hunt for the most talented and awesome young women in the tech startup world.”

Here she explains how she became an iOS developer working on SwiftKey Note.

“I was five when my family brought home a computer. Immediately, I could not be parted with it. Soon, I was the one maintaining the machine and by 11 I was on the internet, coding and designing websites. Throughout high school I didn’t meet anyone else around me who cared about any of this, but my interest in Computing was so strong, I had to learn more and continued this in further education. Off I went to Edinburgh University, where I specialised in Software Engineering and Machine Learning. After graduating I stumbled a few times fitting in my different passions but ultimately got on the right path!

“So far, I’m most proud of quitting an unfulfilling job to teach myself iOS development as this was unexpectedly the most successful moment of my career so far. Looking back on it, it was pretty nerve-wracking at the time but it led to fantastic experiences, such as attending Apple’s WWDC, speaking at Google’s CodeF event, and meeting some truly amazing people along the way.

Maxim facts

“It also led me to my current job at SwiftKey and ultimately to be part of the small team that developed SwiftKey Note, an app that was downloaded 1 million times in its first month. Reading the amazing reviews with my teammates on launch day made it all worthwhile.

“When it comes to what I want to achieve in the future, I’ve always been hesitant in naming concrete numbers or goals. I truly believe so much changes along the way and something grand now will likely be completely different in the future. Regardless, I do have certain values I hold dear. I want to continue to inspire others with every single thing I do. I want to grow into a strong, agile woman who isn’t afraid of change, a challenge, nor to speak up. I want to leave a positive image behind wherever I go, further strengthening the overall image associated with women in this industry as well as my own.

“My basic philosophy is to never do things by halves – when I’m in, I’m all in. I’ve organised workshops, hackathons (won some, too) and received awards. I think I’ve got a warm heart and I care about what I do.

“They say passion is everything, and I’m fortunate that at SwiftKey this has been picked up on and encouraged. I believe my speciality lies in explaining technical things in an understandable way, which is what’s led me to teach school children, excite strangers about technology and collaborate with different teams to have greater impact in my current job. Software development isn’t just about code, it’s about the end to end experience for your users and the people you work with.

“The best thing about working at SwiftKey? The great people, all of which strive to be the best they can be and help each other get there.”

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  1. Peter Parker says:

    Your interest in computing, dedication and passion in that filed makes you an expert iOS developer and give opportunity to working in swiftkey with great people.
    Thanks for share your interest..

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